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Reservations for Two … at the Cosmetic Surgeon’s Office?

Houston Cosmetic SurgeonLooking for something new to do on your next date? How about getting “couples cosmetic surgery”? Maybe some Botox Cosmetic with your boyfriend, a facelift with your fiancé, or even a tummy-tuck with your true love – it will surely be a date that neither of you will ever forget!

That’s just how it was for one Philadelphia couple, Marsha and Mike Gavula, who have loved doing everything together, throughout their entire marriage. Over the years they had encouraged each other to learn SCUBA diving off the coast of Costa Rica, bungee jump in Key West, and even cheer each other on every week at the gym. But recently, they took their theory of couple support one step farther, and walked into their cosmetic surgeon’s office together. After a few minutes in the exam room, although it was not completely planned, Mike was ready to take the jump with Marsha. She explains, “He hadn’t thought about getting anything done, but after hearing how I would look afterward, he decided he should probably go ahead and have a little something done, too.”

Marsha and Mike are not alone. Dr. Leo McCafferty, the Gavula’s plastic surgeon, states that in his practice, the average number of couples he used to see for procedures was about six a year, but as times are changing, now he sees closer to 30 couples a year for cosmetic surgery. The reason for the increase: people are living longer and want to look as good as they feel, and when you add to that the fact that cosmetic surgery is no longer considered a world for ‘women’s only’, you end up with more couples who decide to invest in themselves as a team.

Couples can schedule their appointments either on the same day, or just a few days apart, so they can heal together, and see their results together. They are able to share in the whole experience: anticipation, excitement, and even a little bit of discomfort. The best part, these couples can share the pleasure and joy of looking younger and healthier.