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What Would You Sacrifice for a Hot Body?

Sacrifice for a Hot BodyDo you know how much you are willing to sacrifice to be beautiful? A British woman, named Jayne Fenney, gave up more than you’d imagine, for her hot body. Jayne recently sold her three-bedroom home, her bed, washer and dryer, and even her television – all to pay for close to $47,000 worth of plastic surgery.

Now, before you decide that Jayne is a complete nut, it is important to understand the surgeries that she had. Jayne spent the majority of her adult life over weight. She struggled physically, as well as emotionally. She was exhausted all the time and her self-confidence was at rock bottom. With the help of her physician, Jayne made the life-altering choice to have a gastric band procedure. Over the course of the next year, she was able to lose over 150 pounds!

On the bright side, Jayne was healthier and more energetic than she could remember. On the other side, however, she was still having body issues. This time the problem was all of the excess skin and tissue that was left, after her large weight loss. Sagging abdominal skin, tissue on her arms and thighs, even her lower back, kept her clothes from fitting properly.

Then, that same amazing doctor told Jayne about the body lift procedure – and immediately, she knew it was for her. Jayne sold her belongings and splurged on a full-body lift that sculpted almost her entire body. The extra skin on her stomach, arms, breasts, and thighs was removed. She had her butt lifted, extra skin on her neck tightened, and even fat transferred to her cheekbones. She reported to the UK’s Daily Mail that she has absolutely no regrets, it was the best thing she ever did for herself. “Feeling great is worth ten houses,” she told the reporter, not sounding one bit crazy.

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