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Texas can see clearly now “The Ban Is Gone”

Texas can see clearly now The Ban Is GoneThis said to the tune of “I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone”…”I Can See Clearly Now the Ban Is Gone!” The Hydroquinone restrictions that were placed on the State of Texas restricting the dispensing of Hydroquinone outside of a pharmacy have now been lifted. This ban was only issued to state of Texas, while all other states had the ability to use this amazing product. Should we all welcome Texas back to Hydroquinone, USA?!

All joking aside, we know that 4% Hydroquinone is a highly effective treatment used to target hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun damage, and helps to provide an overall balanced, even tone to the skin. Hydroquinone is often associated with the term “Clear” as it is used to clear darkened pigments in the skin. This ban not only affected the dispensing of HQ from the office of a physician but it also affected the dispensing of certain pharmaceutical skin care products that contained this highly affective bleaching agent.

Obagi Medical is well known for its NuDerm and CRX systems that contain 4% Hydroquinone and therefore during the restriction of dispensing in Texas these products were also altered. Good News Obagi Users…All of your favorite Obagi Medical products containing Hydroquinone are back also! Hydroquinone is still considered a pharmaceutical product and thus you can only purchase from a physician or at your local pharmacy with a prescription from your doctor.

Dr. Vitenas and the Medical Aestheticians at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery are excited to have these products back on the shelves to more effectively treat your skin. Call today for your free skin consultation.