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My face needs a lift; An alternative to Surgery

Sagging. Drooping. Jowls. Aged. If these words can be used to describe the way you look and feel, you might have started thinking about what to do about it. Facelift comes to mind, but maybe you are too young for a facelift. Maybe you aren’t ready to go under the knife. Maybe the cost of a full face lift is eating at you. Could be that you just don’t have the option for all the downtime. Whatever the reason, it still doesn’t shade the fact that you want to look more youthful, healthy, and fresh. Look no further, TITAN may be the answer to your aging concern.

TITAN is an FDA approved safe infrared laser skin tightening device that heats the skin below the surface, heating the dermis, where your old collagen tightened and new collagen can be stimulated. After the ripe old age of 20, we actually begin to lose about 1-2% of our collagen a year and that percentage can increase with overexposure to UV, pollution, smoking, and even medications. Collagen stimulation is key to helping our skin stay thick, plump and youthful looking.

During treatment, you will feel a brief heating sensation of the skin. Some patients opt to take a mild pain reliever prior to the procedure and report no discomfort. Most patients report not having to take anything and being comfortable. Following the treatment, there may be some redness and swelling in the treated area, which should be gone within a few hours. There is absolutely no downtime involved and all patients are able to return to normal activity the same day.

Although results with TITAN treatments can be seen and felt immediately, its’ full benefits will not be observed for at least three to six months. The waiting period is the most arduous part of the procedure, because it is not immediate as a facelift.

Patients can be successfully treated on many areas of the body where skin is loose or sagging. Anywhere from the face to the stomach, upper arms, legs or hands can be treated. Even better, patients of all ages and skin types can be treated because TITAN is “color blind” which means we do not have to be concerned with the skin type – the lightest to the darkest skins can achieve skin tightening without worry of damage to the surface skin.

Without surgery, the TITAN can be used to look younger, in treating sagginess and relaxed skin and is a safe alternative to surgery. Especially when used in combination with other laser treatments like Laser Genesis and IPL or even dermal fillers, you can achieve even greater looking results, by giving back volume to the skin and reducing the signs of aging due to sun damage and intrinsic aging.

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Sharon K. Steele-Tran  – Aesthetician, Laser Certified