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OTC vs Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care: Part 2 of 3

Houston OTC vs Pharmaceutical Grade Skin CarePharmaceuticals can be purchased within a physician’s office under the close supervision of a doctor or Aesthetician. These products can never be purchased over the counter. The upside to purchasing these products from a professional is that you receive a complimentary, thorough skin consultation and a skin care regimen that is appropriate for your individual skin care needs is designed. OTC products can be purchased at any department store, retail, grocery or drug store.

The FDA placed these guidelines to protect the consumer. The Pharmaceutical companies have much more stringent guidelines and require extensive research, clinical study and intricate testing to acquire clearance from the FDA in order to be able to market and sell the products. The FDA makes sure the product is safe and able to accomplish the claims that the product states it can achieve.

Marketing. Marketing is the biggest tool OTC companies use as they are marketing to our senses. We’re certain you have been in a department store and the moment you walked in you were drawn to the fragrant smells, nicely decorated displays, and vivid packaging that surrounds the skin care counters. Our minds have already tricked us into thinking that this “stuff” is amazing and we want it even though we haven’t a bit of an idea what is in the pretty jar of moisturizer we are holding in our hand. Marketing is the #1 tool that OTC companies use to appeal to the consumer. Let’s face it, we like things that are aesthetically pleasing. On top of that, there are endless OTC options each claiming to be the “Best, Miracle Cream”. You will find that packaging with most Pharmaceutical skin care lines will be clean and simple with a vast majority of funds spent on research not on packaging.