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OTC vs Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care: Part 3 of 3

Houston OTC vs Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care, TXHow to choose between OTC and Pharmaceuticals?  We highly recommend that you schedule a consultation with a skin care professional to determine your own specific needs.  If you are not convinced that you are ready for a consultation then ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What am I most concerned about changing with my skin care?
  2. How concerned am I about true results?
  3. What is my budget?

Question one, in our opinion, answers this very simply.  The reality is that only Pharmaceutical skin care has the ability to actually “change” your skin and the underlying skin functions thus achieving true results (which also answers question two).  The OTC products can create temporary affects to the Epidermis however they are just that, temporary improvement to dead skin cells.  True skin altering results must come from altering the Dermal layer of the skin; so if you are looking for results than you should be using a skin care line prescribed by a skin specialist.  When you initially purchase a Pharmaceutical skin care system the cost can seem quite expensive.  Take the Obagi New Derm line for example, $420.00 (tax included) for 6 products comes out to $70.00 per item.  Seems expensive.  Now we need to factor in that this set will last 4-6months.  Figured on 6 months, that takes the cost down to $11.67 per month per item.  On the reverse, you may spend $50.00 on an OTC bottle that truly doesn’t have the capability to provide you the results that you are looking for, however since it’s “cheap” we keep on buying them.  So we end up spending a lot more money over time and still have little or no results.  Doesn’t make much sense does it.  The initial price tags on a Pharmaceutical skin care regimen can scare the consumer away, however when we take the time to break it down and compare them; the Pharmaceuticals are just as cost efficient and most often cheaper than OTC products and the best part is you have true, visible results.

When considering OTC vs Pharmaceutical skin care keep in mind the true facts of the treatability of the products no matter how appealing the packaging may be.  Think back to our RED line analogy.  The best way to save money and achieve maximum skin rejuvenation is to schedule a free skin consultation with a skin care professional.  One of the Aestheticians at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery would be happy to assist you in determining what would be the best, proactive approach to caring for your skin.