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Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible: Bird Poo

Nightingale facial HoustonWhen it comes to his opinions, Tom Cruise has never been one to keep things to himself.  Botox Cosmetic, for example, has been on his short list of no-no’s, and he has been quite vocal about his stance.  Don’t think that Tom isn’t conscious of keeping up his boyish good-looks, though.

Tom has reportedly come clean – if we dare use that word – about his affinity for a facial made from Nightingale poop, which was recommended by his pal, Victoria Beckham.  The Geisha Facial is a unique remedy, used in ancient Japanese society, and is reported to impart a pearly luster to the skin.  Simultaneously cleaning, brightening, and re-texturizing the skin through its natural enzymes and guanine, Nightingale droppings were once considered a secret known only to the Geishas, and a key factor to keep up their clear, porcelain complexions.

At Shizuka, a New York City day spa, this almost forgotten beauty secret has been artfully reborn with the Geisha Facial.  The key ingredient, Uguisu no Fun, or dried Nightingale droppings, is mixed with rice bran to form a paste that has both exfoliating and facial lightening properties.  For a mere $180, the fine ladies at Shizuka will spend about an hour treating your face with the bird-poo concoction, then pampering you with some Japanese tea and snacks, before sending you out the door.

Tom, who turns the big 50 on July 3rd, does look pretty fabulous for his age.  His forehead is virtually wrinkle free, and besides a couple laugh lines and crow’s feet, his complexion is that of someone years younger.  According to Mr. Cruise, he has never, and never will, resort to Botox Cosmetic or cosmetic surgery to keep up his handsome appearance.

Maybe Tom needs to try a little Botox Cosmetic before discounting it completely, though.  Botox Cosmetic has a proven track record to take years off your appearance, takes less than 15 minutes, and only needs to be repeated every 3-4 months.  This is good for Tom to remember, just in case the Geisha Facial proves to be just another pile of bird-poo.