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Frotox, Giving Botox Cosmetic the Cold Shoulder

Frotox Houston TexasYou have heard of Botox Cosmetic, and maybe even Brotox (Botox Cosmetic for the boys), but have you ever heard of Frotox? Using only the extreme cold, Frotox is a frosty new way to remove wrinkles on the forehead and the frown line, quickly and naturally.

Frotox uses cryotechnology, combining a very low temperature with liquid nitrogen, to naturally disable specific nerves in the face. Using a small gadget with a needle at the tip, doctors can deliver a small shot of the intensely cold formula to the frown line. Your nerves are temporarily damaged and sent into hibernation. This causes the muscles to relax, and the frown line disappears.

So what is the procedure like? After the forehead is numbed with a local anesthetic, the pen-like smart-tip needle is applied. This is used to penetrate the skin and deliver between two to eight 30-second bursts of incredibly cold temperature on the targeted facial nerve. The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes and patients are said to experience a feeling of ‘pressure’ rather than any cold or pain.

What is exciting many people about the idea of Frotox, is the option to skip on the purified botulinum toxin – no matter how safe it has proven to be over the years. The ability to immediately rid the face of that dreaded frown line, just by naturally freezing it away, is very appealing. The method was originally developed to treat chronic pain, so it has already been approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration.

The cost of Frotox is expected to be about the same as Botox Cosmetic, but its results are immediate; there is no waiting two weeks to see the full results. Both treatments will last about four months before a repeat procedure is needed. With all of these benefits, many people are eager to make Frotox the newest weapon in their war against wrinkles. Clinical trials are in their final stages in London, and if all goes well, Frotox is scheduled to launch in the cosmetic surgery market in the United States sometime later this year.