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Confessions of a Trophy Husband

Plastic surgery for men TexasIt is still hard for me to say the words Trophy Husband without giggling. That title is just a bit silly. None-the-less, if being married to a wonderful lady, and being a confident man who takes care of myself, earns me the title of Trophy Husband, I will wear it proudly.

What makes me a Trophy Husband? I guess some would say it’s my trip to the cosmetic surgeon’s office. You see, after accompanying my wife several times, a thought came to my mind. Why was she the only one walking out of the office looking refreshed, rejuvenated, and years younger?

After that, the decision to schedule my own appointment was pretty easy, and I am obviously not the only one. According to the newest report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more men are choosing to go under the knife than ever before. The latest numbers show that plastic surgery procedures among the guys were up by 2% overall this past year, and facelifts for men jumped by 14% since 2009. Men had over 1.1 million plastic surgery procedures in 2010.

It is really no surprise to hear that men are just as interested as women, in improving our physical appearance. The public perception of cosmetic surgery has changed over recent years, allowing men to be more comfortable and open-minded when making the decision to take advantage of their surgeon’s services. And now that there are so many of us Generation Xérs topping the 40 year-old mark, more men than ever are noticing changes in their skin and on their bodies that could use improvement. Just like you ladies, we have discovered there are better ways to take years off of our appearance than through fruitless diet and exercise.

Men have many reasons for finally making that first trip into the cosmetic surgeon’s office – romance, career advancement, or more likely, to get back our self-esteem and confidence. The reason doesn’t matter as much as the final results, which are happier and hunkier men, Trophy Husbands even – and who wouldn’t want one of us!