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Restoring Your Inner-Goddess

Have you lost a large amount of weight, only to wind up with sagging folds of skin around your midsection? Are the folds of fatty tissue on your stomach and back fiercely resistant to diet and exercise?

Does it leave you feeling hopeless?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re an ideal candidate for Body Lift surgery performed by an expert – Dr. Paul Vitenas. In the doctor’s skilled and experienced hands, the unsightly, sagging tissue enveloping the torso is tightened, revealing the graceful, hidden curves long associated with beauty, and long thought unattainable – or gone forever. In the master hands of Dr. Vitenas, a Body Lift becomes art.

Like an artist, the doctor sculpts soft tissue to discover and define the magnificent feminine form hiddendeep within. Renowned for his remarkable outcomes, Dr. Vitenas’s patients often report that lifting their bodies, lifts their lives.

Notably, this procedure is one of the most dramatic restorative surgeries performed today, often fostering both physical and psychological transformations in patients. Dr. Vitenas has observed it time and time again: restoring the body’s hidden beauty, restores the life spirit, and Dr. Vitenas takes great pleasure in witnessing the joy in his patients as a result.

The Details

Excessive weight causes skin to stretch and lose elasticity. Sadly, losing the weight often results in fleshy folds and ripples that simply do not respond to diet and exercise. Just as a tummy tuck lifts and smoothes a sagging tummy, a Body Lift does the same for the body – 360 degrees of the midsection. Dr. Vitenas’s 28 years of experience allow him to surgically tighten the hips, buttocks, abdomen and back, returning the entire torso to its most attractive form.

This form of cosmetic surgery is generally recommended for people in good overall health, and very helpful for men as well as women. It can also be combined with other procedures such as liposuction, or thigh and arm lifts to produce full body rejuvenation.

Dr. Vitenas operates at the Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital and its affiliated outpatient facility, the Day Surgery Center. An overnight stay should be expected and surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure typically takes four to sixhours to complete.

While a Body Lift surgery is not considered minor, recovery takes only about two weeks. Patients are required to wear a compression garment, and small drainage tubes are frequently employed, but removed within ten days. Discomfort is managed effectively with medication. Most patients return to work within two weeks, and more strenuous activities, in four to six weeks.

And a renewed life begins.