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Beauty and the Bachelorette

Houston Beauty and the BacheloretteEmily Maynard, aka the Bachelorette, has stolen the heart of every man on this season’s show.  She is not just another beautiful woman though, she is also a devoted mother to little Ricki, her daughter whose father was killed in a plane crash before she was born.  Now, six years later, it looks as though Emily has been able to move on, and the only trouble she faces is picking the right guy.

There is more to the Bachelorette than first meets the eye.  In high school, Emily developed deep aesthetic insecurities when she came down with Bell’s palsy, paralyzing one side of her face for months.  Sources claim that this was a devastating time for Emily; and while her condition passed, Emily’s self-consciousness did not.  Soon she began dabbling in cosmetic procedures, and before going on the Bachelor in 2010, Emily made the jump to invasive procedures.  She received breast implants, a rhinoplasty, and veneers.

Emily’s preparation for the Bachelor worked, and Brad Womack picked Emily as the winner of his heart.  Unfortunately, their bliss was very short lived.  The painful break-up, and constant media attention, has been hard on Emily’s self-confidence.  Her years in the spotlight have caused Emily to become obsessed with her slightest flaw.

Emily has started to frequent her cosmetic surgeon again.  She is reportedly a big fan of laser-light facials, anything that will make her skin look flawless, finding these especially good for her television camera close-ups.  Emily indulges in Botox Cosmetic regularly, to give her brows that perfect arch and keep her forehead perfectly smooth.  Emily has also found the benefit of under-eye filler, reducing any dark circles that occur after late night one-on-one dates.

Rumor has it that Emily’s next procedure will be liposuction.  An insider tells Reality Weekly that Emily panics anytime she has to go on camera in a bikini.   When she gets done picking her new husband on the Bachelorette, and gets back to South Carolina, one of the first places she will be visiting is her favorite cosmetic surgeon!