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Hot Reality Moms: Not So “Real”

Hot Reality MomsEverything on TV is not as perfect as it first appears.  With that being said, who hasn’t watched a little reality television and thought, “How does that mom look so good?”  The next time you sit down with the remote, remember to keep things in perspective.  Just because a mom can Keep Up With the Kardashians, has survived being a Teen Mom, or is Plus 8 . . . certainly doesn’t mean her awesome looks come naturally.

Kris Kardashian:  Kris could make any mommy jealous!  She has 6 kids, two grandkids, more than one successful business, and always looks like she is well rested and put together.  Kris has help from nannies to stylists, but most importantly a fabulous cosmetic surgeon, to help with skin care, as well as raising and tightening anything that begins to sag.

Kourtney Kardashian: Like mother, like daughter – Kourtney doesn’t turn down help from the family cosmetic surgeon.  Up until recently, a breast augmentation had been her biggest body-investment.  Since she gave birth to her second child in early August, we are predicting a tummy-tuck or body-lift will be in her near future.

Sharon Osborne:  Think about the wrinkles that would come from being married to Ozzy Osborne for 30 years!  How is it possible then, that Sharon Osborne looks better than she did in the 90’s?  She has been very open about the face-lifts, weight loss surgery, and body-lift that make her the elegant woman she is today.

Jenelle Evans:  This Teen Mom is no longer the skinny, shapeless kid that gave birth at age 16.  Running around after her now two year old son, Jase, may help keep Janelle thin, but her curvaceous figure and size C breasts have all been paid for with her MTV paycheck!

Kate Gosselin:  Few women wish they could trade places with Kate, with all those kids and that ex!  Her smoking bikini body is to be envied, though.  Kate Gosselin looks great after her body lift, liposuction, and breast augmentations.  If Kate could bounce back with a little TLC, anyone can!

There are so many women, we couldn’t get to them all, like Real Housewives Bethany Frankel and Alexis Bellino; to Mob Wives Angela Raiola and Renee Graziano.  The message Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery wants you to take away from these not-so-real reality moms:  the best investment you can make, is in yourself!