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Not Just for the Ladies, Anymore

Cosmetic Surgery for men in Houston TX Guess who is filling up the cosmetic surgeon’s office? Well, according to the latest Academy of Plastic Surgeons poll, it’s starting to be the guys! Over the last five years, cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation procedures have been steadily increasing among men, jumping almost 10% this last year. Currently guys make up 14% of all cosmetic surgery patients, having 1.1 million procedures performed in 2010.
More men exploring their cosmetic surgery options can be attributed to several factors. Baby boomers are beginning to enter their mid 40’s and 50’s, and they are finding their bodies just don’t look as good as they feel. Another makeover motivator is the reality that we live in a youth-oriented culture. A younger, fresher appearance can improve success in both business and romance. Finally, of course, cosmetic surgery is no longer looked at as just for the ladies – that stigma is falling away as men show more interest in fighting the effects of time on their face and body.
The most popular cosmetic procedures for men remain things such as Botox – to remove the vertical lines between the eyebrows that can make you look angry or confused; and liposuction – to thin down those love handles and flatten that beer gut. Procedures that are seeing the greatest increase though, are the facelift – to reduce sagging and signs of aging around your neck and face; eyelid surgery – to correct loose skin and bags around the eyes, giving you a more awake look; and non-surgical procedures such as chemical peels and dermal fillers – to rejuvenate the skin and reduce creases. The variety of procedures available today is almost endless – everything you need to look vibrant, youthful, and refreshed is just around the corner. Cosmetic procedures can take years off of your appearance and bring back that long lost self-confidence.

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