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Botox Cosmetic, the Cure for Everything?

Dr. Vitenas Houston Botox CosmeticBotox Cosmetic, you are really a girl’s best friend!  Not only are you the world’s greatest wrinkle-wiper, migraine-mellower, sweat-stopper, bladder-balancer, osteoarthritis-obliterator, and now . . .  ACNE ERASER?  What can this precious little poison not do?

Dr. Anil Shah, a Chicago area cosmetic / plastic surgeon, is one of a handful of doctors who has started using Botox Cosmetic as an official treatment for adult onset acne.  Through Dr. Shah’s extensive knowledge of botulinum toxin, and remarkable vision, he embarked on a new regime for his patients struggling with acne.  Dr. Shah knew that Botox Cosmetic blocks the chemical acetylcholine, which inhibits muscle activity.  He was also aware that acetylcholine is responsible for increasing sebum production in the skin’s dermis, which essentially feeds bad bacteria.  When the acetylcholine is temporarily halted, sebum production ends, and the bacteria that causes pimples is starved.

A total of 20 patients have tried the treatment, which only requires a single application of Botox Cosmetic.  After one month, all of the patients reported a decrease in sebum production, a decrease in pore size, and a decrease in the amount and severity of their acne.  So far, Dr. Shah’s is the only published study demonstrating the effects of Botox Cosmetic on acne, but since his findings are so positive, more studies are under underway.

Although the Botox Cosmetic treatment works wonders, it is not for everyone.  In fact, Dr. Shah only accepts patients who are well out of their teens.  “I only treat patients over 20-years-old,” he says. “Their hormonal changes are likely permanent. For them Botox Cosmetic is now the safest and most effective (acne) treatment we have.”  There is so much continued growth and change in a teen’s skin and body, that only the safest and well-studied treatments should be considered.

Clearing up our breakouts feels like a little too much to expect of this wonder injection.  We certainly don’t want Botox Cosmetic to buckle under all of the pressure.  Until the patient trials and continued testing occurs, we will have to just be content with Botox Cosmetic’s ability to smooth out our foreheads and make our frown lines disappear.  Botox Cosmetic, you are almost better than chocolate!