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Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian rhinoplasty Houston TexasA July report in the Vancouver Sun, reported an upswing in the number of rhinoplasty surgeries performed on Asian patients. While most patients schedule their rhinoplasty (nose job) to decrease the size of their nose, or to make its shape smaller, Asian patients have something different in mind. Their rhinoplasty goal is to make their nose more prominent and proportional.

The number of Asian rhinoplasty procedures has seen a 50% increase over the past two years. What is sometimes referred to as an Oriental rhinoplasty, is a relatively newer trend, and not the traditional “nose-job” that many Caucasians desire.

What is the big – so to speak – deal with a larger nose? Asian noses are characteristically smaller and less prominent, and yet somewhat bulbous, compared with their American counterparts. The Asian rhinoplasty (nose job) fills an almost mid-face void, in a straight on view, giving the nose more noticeable height. This shape really anchors the middle of the face, gives wide-set eyes the illusion of drawing in closer together, and creates a shadow going down the nose, adding a maturity to the face. After receiving an Asian rhinoplasty, patients report a more attractive nasal structure that is more complimentary to their face shape.

This is not the only cosmetic procedure Asian patients are turning to. Breast augmentation and blepharoplasty, or eye lid surgery, round out the top procedures for this ethnic group, along with rhinoplasty. Historically, the Asian population has not made up a substantial number of plastic surgery patients. These figures are changing as the landscape of the cosmetic surgery office changes. Negative cultural attitudes and social stigmas are slowly being dissolved as people become more educated about cosmetic surgery, and therefore become more open-minded to the benefits. The Vancouver Sun reports that over all, the number of cosmetic procedures for Asian clients has tripled over the past three years, and continues to be on the rise.