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Teens and Cosmetic Surgery

Houston Cosmetic Surgery for TeensTeens and cosmetic surgery are a complicated mix.  Being bombarded by beautiful images on TV, in magazines, and on the Internet can be confusing for a teen.  They create a world of issues that parents need to sort out carefully.  Teens are dealing with a strong desire to fit in, and a sometimes skewed body image, making them very eager to request cosmetic surgery.  Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery understands that this is an impressionable time in a young life, so we are here to provide some guidance to help sort out the idea of plastic surgery.

Not every teen is right for cosmetic surgery, emotionally or developmentally.  That being said though, there are times where a teen may have a real need to need to talk to a cosmetic surgeon.  Here, skin issues can be addressed, such as the removal of an unsightly mole, or help with a scar or birthmark.  Features that have developed abnormally, such as a misshapen nose can be improved through a nose job, also referred to as a rhinoplasty. Other popular cosmetic procedures for teens include ear pinning or otoplasty. With the advances in plastic surgery available today children should not have to deal with these cosmetic issues that can be devastating to a teen’s self-esteem.  Corrective cosmetic surgery can increase confidence and self-assurance – and actually improve the social withdrawal that comes from feeling different.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) does not take a formal position on plastic surgery for teenagers.  As with all surgeries for patients under 18, signed parental consent is required.  It is up to parents to assess their teen’s physical and emotional maturity – and then seek the advice of a respected cosmetic surgeon.  The ASPS states that in order to achieve a positive outcome from the cosmetic procedure, the following criteria should to be met:

  • The teenager initiates the request for surgery, clearly and repeatedly over time.
  • The teenager has realistic goals and expectations for the surgery.
  • The teenager has sufficient maturity to tolerate any pain, temporary disfigurement, or difficulty associated with the procedure.

A quick phone call to Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery can help answer your questions about teens and cosmetic surgery.  We can also schedule a consultation so you can discuss your concerns and find out the options available, both now and in the future, for your teen.