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Ingrown Prevention and Reduction

Ingrown Prevention and ReductionUnfortunately most men are plagued to have to shave a couple times per week or even daily, especially if you have the issue of the 5 o’clock shadow. For men, shaving is a necessary evil and even worse some men have to deal with pesky razor bumps (also known as ingrown hairs or folliculitis barbae). The best way to prevent or almost totally be free from the issue of razor bumps is prevention. Below are just 6 steps that you can help yourself to prevent future issues with razor bumps.

  1. Practice proper hygiene. Make sure to wash your face with an actual face wash. Washing your skin with a facial product actually can help reduce the excess oil and dirt that blocks the hair follicles which in turn can cause break outs because the hair can not grow up through the follicle.
  2. Choose your razor wisely. Single blades and electric razors are the best to shave with when you are having an issue with ingrowns. Yes, the 4 blade razor makes it so much smoother, but in reality it can actually cause more break outs in the end because it stretches the skin to allow the hair to stick out more. When the skin relaxes the hair is under the skin and sometimes irritates as it tries to find its’ way out.
  3. Pre-moisten the skin. Unless you are going electric – Dry shaving is a no-no guys. Whether you wash & shave with the face wash or you decide to use a moisturizing shaving cream, always start by using warm water first. Warm water will open up the pores and help soften those coarse stubbly hairs.
  4. Properly shave. We know guys are tough, but skin is skin. Be gentle and don’t press harshly on the skin with the razor. Let is glide along the skin in the direction of the hair growth – not against it. Shaving against the grain will reduce the issue of sharp edges and ingrowns.
  5. Protect your skin. After you shave, use a gentle toner to help balance the pH of the skin, keep the pores clean and help prevent infection. The follow your toner with SPF 25 or higher to protect your skin and prevent hyperpigmentation (or darkening of skin) that can occur when you have ingrowns.
  6. Consult a professional. If all else fails or you are not certain on what products are best for your skin, contact your plastic surgeon’s office that has a licensed aesthetician aboard. They can suggest medical grade products that might be able to help. Also, many men are turning to laser hair removal to truly have freedom from annoying ingrown hairs. Treatments are easy and leave the skin looking and feeling smooth.  

With these simple skins care steps, ingrown hair can be easily avoided which will save you pain, discomfort, and skin damage in the future.