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Hot Topic – the Rising Trend of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery

Vaginal plastic surgery HoustonCosmetic surgery is no stranger to controversy.  This past week, on, one of the latest, and most hotly debated cosmetic surgery offerings was discussed.  Vaginal cosmetic surgery, well on its way to being the fastest growing surgical trend of 2012, has been mislabeled by some as an unneeded procedure, that encourages women with unhealthy views of their body, to opt for a surgical ‘quick-fix’.

The argument against vaginal cosmetic surgery: women are feeling ‘pushed’ into looking perfect to please others.  Unfortunately, the idea that women are easily persuaded into any trendy cosmetic procedure, just to look like a Barbie doll, is a myth.  Most women are extremely aware of their own bodies and are comfortable being proactive when something does not feel right.  A qualified and respectable cosmetic surgeon is always capable of distinguishing if a patient is not mentally sound to undergo a procedure, and will never suggest surgery that is unwarranted.

Women who experience a large vulva, misshapen labia, or extremely loose vaginal walls, know these are more than simply aesthetic problems.  While their unsightly nature can cause embarrassment and shame, they can also be the source of pain and discomfort.  Elongated labia can cause irritation under clothing, during certain activities, and during sexual intercourse.  Weak vaginal muscles, often resulting from childbirth, can lead to painful intercourse, as well as problems retaining tampons in place, and even urinary leakage.  Historically, women have felt they must suffer silently with these issues.

Over the last several years, though, patients have become more vocal about the benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation, prompting other women with similar problems to visit their surgeons, as well.   According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS,) who first began to collect data on Vaginal Rejuvenation in 2005, there has been a 30% increase in these procedures since 2006; and the numbers are continuing to rise.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has over twenty years of experience in providing exceptional surgical treatment.  Part of our outstanding patient care is to assess, in depth, each woman’s physical, aesthetic, and psychological needs/wants before scheduling any procedure.  Call our office to set up your Vaginal Rejuvenation consultation appointment, and let Dr. Vitenas discuss your desires, as well as the realistic expectations, for your potential surgical procedure.