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Make Your Daughter Jealous …

Houston Texas LiposuctionSo your daughter is away at college and you finally have an ’empty nest’.  Why not take this time to do something just for you.  After years of homework help, cooking, and chauffeuring – it is time to throw those mommy jeans in the garbage.   Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has some ideas to help you get back to your sexy self, and who knows, maybe even make your offspring just a little jealous when she comes home during fall break.

You may want to start off by getting you skinny jean ready.  Liposuction at the waistline, stomach, and outer thighs can bring back a sculpted midriff and contoured legs.  A tummy tuck can finish flattening your abdomen, making sure there is no ‘muffin top’ and pooch over the waist line.  Finally, a buttock lift will help you lose that bulky bottom flab while raising and tightening your backside.   The results will be tight, flawless curves that look fabulous in denim!

Once you get into those sexy jeans, it will be time to shop for the perfect t-shirt.   Get started with a breast augmentation and/or lift.   These will provide you with fuller, perkier breasts that beautifully fill out any blouse, without looking artificial or unnatural.  A back lift will then remove lax, fatty tissue on your upper and middle back, eliminating that bulging skin around your bra line.  Add to that an arm lift, reshaping the under portion of the upper arm and resolving loose tissue from the shoulder to the elbow.  Your smooth, fit silhouette will look fabulous in your clothes . . . and you will look years younger.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery works with your specific needs and wants, designing an individualized surgical plan just for you.  Whether your procedure is performed in our luxurious, state-of-the-art office, or at the Memorial Hermann Southeast Outpatient Surgery Center, we will have you resting back at home in no time.  By the time your baby girl makes it home for the holidays – you will be one hot mama!!