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What in the World is a Body Lift?

Body Lift Houston TexasLower body lifts, upper body lifts, even total body lifts – if you have heard these terms, but have no idea what they mean, you are not alone.  The names may be mentioned in countless magazines, commercials, and blogs, yet for many of us, they sound radical and extreme.  That is not the case, though; body lifts are life-changing, not eccentric.  Let us explain…

An upper body lift will address the arms, axilla (arm pit), breast, chest, and upper back area.   The procedure begins with an incision made under the breast and around the back.  This will allow for a tuck of excessive ‘bra roll skin’, and a tightening of skin along the sides and upper back.  An upper body lift can be accompanied with an upper arm lift (brachioplasty): an incision made down the back of the upper arm, removing loose skin and excessive fat deposits.  An upper body lift can also be paired with a variety of other procedures, such as liposuction or breast augmentation.

As the name states, the lower body lift focuses on the waist down, with a smooth circular incision made around the belt-line.  Included is a tummy-tuck, pubic reduction, removal of excess fat tissue, front and outer thigh lift, ‘love handle’ removal, smoothing the lower back, and a buttock lift.  Again, more procedures can be included, specific to your body’s needs.

A total body lift combines an upper body lift and a lower body lift.  Especially for people who have experienced an extreme weight loss, a total body lift can transform a sagging, drooping body frame into a sculpted, trim silhouette.  Body lift procedures were created as doctors noticed patients wanting more than just one area addressed during surgery.  The best part, time under anesthesia is shortened and recovery time is kept to a minimum.

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