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The Unwelcomed Turkey Neck

Neck lift in TexasThe holiday season is just about here.  That means family, friends, and food . . . oh yes, lots of food!   And with all those tasty dishes on the table, the last thing you need is to be seen as the other ‘turkey’.   Admit it, you know exactly what I am talking about – that extra, loose and wrinkly skin scrunching up on your neck.  You moisturize it, cover it up with turtlenecks, sometimes just ignore it, but it is there – your turkey neck – and it is not going away.

Did you know your neck can age before your face?  Smoking, weight loss, and even genetics can contribute to the fold, lines, wrinkles, and general loss of skin elasticity from your jaw line down to your cleavage.   Most women simply overlook their neck until it suddenly becomes a trouble area, but that soft bulge under the chin or the rippling, extra skin around the neck that can make a girl look years older than she should.

There are several procedures available in our cosmetic surgeon’s office to dramatically improve the look of your neck.   These can be combined for a neck lift, and fit your personal aesthetic needs.  Surgical procedures include a Cervicoplasty, which removes the extra, lax neck skin and a Platysmaplasty, to remove the loose muscle tissue in the neck.  Other procedures, such as liposuction of the neck, can be included to remove excess neck fat.  Botox is also used to decrease the appearance of neck “bands” or fullness folds.   For a non-surgical option, Titan Skin Tightening can help tighten the neck area and can help improve your skins texture and elasticity, giving you the appearance that you have been looking for.

Neck lift procedures can be done in our cosmetic surgeon’s office – or at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital in Houston, Texas (located minutes away from Friendswood and Pearland).  Scars are usually minimal and very often, people will not have any idea that your neck has had any work done.  The only thing they will be noticing is just how beautiful your chin is, how young your profile looks – and the smooth contour seen in the nape of your neck.

This holiday season; make sure there is only one turkey at the party!  Let Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery get you ready for those family photos – give us a call today.