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Who’s Here for a Fat Transfer? 5 People You Might Meet in the Waiting Room

Houston fat transferAs you nervously sit, antsy about your Fat Transfer consultation appointment, focus on the other patients in the waiting room.  Even though no two patients are the same – perched in the chairs are different races, ages, even sexes – they all share a common goal, to make their body the best it can be.  So who are these people and what prompted their Fat Transfer procedure?

A woman is in the office for a Hand Fat Transfer.  After she reached 50, the one place that showed her age, was her hands.  The bones were prominent, blue veins standing out, and the skin of her hands had lost its elasticity.  Her Hand Fat Transfer results will be stunning:  plump, smooth hands, no longer the tell-tale signs of her age.

A middle aged man is waiting for a Calf Fat Transfer.  All his life, he has been embarrassed wearing short or swim trunks, lower legs scrawny and misshapen.  No amount of exercise or weight gain changing their appearance.  After his Calf Fat Transfer, his lower legs will finally look healthy and be in proportion to his body.

In her late 40’s, with noticeable hallows under her eyes and sunken cheekbones, a woman has decided to come in for a Facial Fat Transfer.  Aging, along with chronic illness, has caused a loss in vital facial volume.  Her Facial Fat Transfer will provide complete facial rejuvenation, restoring a youthful contour to her cheeks and jawline, taking years off her appearance.

A mother, in her early 30’s, is here to see the doctor for a Breast Fat Transfer.  Multiple childbirths, and months of breast feeding, have left her with sagging, drooping breasts.  Choosing a Breast Fat Transfer over implants, she will use her own fat cells to replace lost breast volume.  Soon her breasts, going from a lax B cup to a full, round C cup, will perfectly fill out blouses and swimwear.

Weight Loss
A young, vibrant woman awaits her consultation for a Butt Fat Transfer.  It’s impossible to tell, but she was once more than 100lb over weight, before her gastric bypass surgery.  Now, areas are sagging, especially one in particular – her butt.  Once completed, her Butt Fat Transfer will provide a perky, round bottom, filling out her jeans with a sexy fullness.