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Gadgets and Gizmos: a Gamble

Gadgets and Gizmos: a GambleAnyone who watches the television or surfs the internet will, sooner or later, see an ad for every possible gadget you can think of. Most of the time, the junk is easy enough to overlook but sometimes these gadgets do seem to speak to a personal need – and they seem to come with a bargain price! Maybe when dicing vegetables, an infomercial contraption is worth a try, but when it comes to your physical and cosmetic needs – it is best to leave those gizmos alone and see a reputable board certificated plastic surgeon.

You may have heard of some of these: the Facial Flex (2 minutes each morning and night give you a complete facial rejuvenation in 8 weeks), the Nose Magic (in just 2 weeks you can have a thinner, smaller, slimmer nose), or the Neck Slimmer (firm, lift, and smooth skin in just 2 minutes a day). These are not miracle alternatives to the cosmetic surgeon’s office for only $19.99. They are gimmicks and spending money on them can be waste of your time and hard eared money.

Although these inventions may seem like the only affordable way to achieve your cosmetic goals, it is important to know that you do have other options. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery offers a variety of financing choices that will help you get the procedure you have been wanting– without years of saving. While we accept cash, debit cards, and all major credit cards, we also offer special health care financing through Care Credit. These national healthcare credit services both offer 6 and 12 month interest free financing plans, have no upfront cost, no annual fees, and provide flexible, affordable payments.

With such amazing financing options, there is no need to throw away money – and risk your health – on T.V. gimmicks. Call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery to find a payment plan that is right for you. Do not settle for anything less than the best for your body – remember, there is no substitution for the safe and proven procedures done in a board certified cosmetic surgeon’s office.