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The Scary Side of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Scary Side in HoustonWhat’s keeping you out of the cosmetic surgeon’s office?  Is it fear of needles?  Maybe fear of anesthesia?  The scariest part of cosmetic surgery might be the last thing on your mind… it is actually the non-qualified physician behind the scalpel that could be your worst nightmare!

In September, USA Today ran a story on the dangers of non-plastic surgeons performing cosmetic surgery.  Every year, thousands of patients take the risk of having cheap, quick cosmetic surgery with unqualified staff.  Whether it is in some fly-by-night office in a strip mall, or with a physician who has not specialized in the field of plastic surgery, the potential for danger is extremely high.  Some people get lucky, while others suffer disfigurement, permanent nerve damage, or at times, even death.   Unskilled and ill-equipped personnel can fatefully misunderstand surgical procedures, the potential complications, or the pharmacology of drugs and anesthesia that they have not been trained for.

Did you know:

  • That any US doctor can perform cosmetic surgery, from Botox to breast augmentation?
  • That it is not uncommon for gynecologist to offer Botox for depression?
  • That a recent study showed that 40% of all liposuctions in California, during 2010, were performed by non-trained personnel?
  • That you can avoid costly, painful, and even lethal plastic surgery mistakes by doing your homework?

It has become as important to shop for a plastic surgeon as cautiously as you would shop for a new house.  Always do a thorough inspection before you ‘buy’.  Ask your physician questions, look at his before/after photos, check his credentialing, and do a search for him online.   Make sure you only deal with an experienced cosmetic surgeon, one that is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Do not risk the horror of a bad cosmetic procedure.  Dr. Paul Vitenas has been performing cosmetic surgery procedures in Houston area for over twenty years.  He has served as the Chief-of-Staff at Memorial Hospital Southeast and he holds certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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