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Santa Got a Body Lift

All through 2011, Santa has worked hard to lose weight. With more than a little help from Mrs. Claus – and a gastric bypass during the warm months – Santa managed to drop close to 100 pounds! While he felt great and looked awesome in his new, custom tailored red suit, he could not get back to the Chris Cringle body he had years ago. After the weight loss, he had flabby, extra skin around his waist, on his belly, and across his lower back; bunching up under his clothes and looking quite unpleasant, especially when he got down to his boxers. Santa was more frustrated than a 6 foot tall elf!

Good thing Mrs. Claus had heard about the Body Lift procedure at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery. She explained to Santa that a Body Lift by Dr. Vitenas is a unique cosmetic surgery procedure that starts with an incision at the beltline, going all the way around the body. Excess back fat, bulging skin at the hips, and loose fatty tissue on the abdomen is removed. The lower back is given contour, a flat and smooth tummy is crafted, and finally, the buttocks are lifted to create a tighter, raised bottom. A Body Lift gives the lower frame a taut, sculpted appearance, with a flat stomach and an elevated derrière. Plus, after just one night in the hospital, Santa could finish recuperating from the comfort of his home. He quickly set up an appointment and before he could say “Ho Ho Ho”, his surgery was done.

Now, Santa looks like a million bucks! He no longer has fat gathering over his belt, no more saggy bottom, and no more muffin top! Santa fits into his suit better than ever, just like years ago. He is even more motivated to take care of himself, eating better and working out every week.

This year, give yourself the present of a Body Lift from Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery. Whether you have been naughty or nice, you deserve the chance to look as good outside as you feel inside. If Santa can make a change, so can you!