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Baby’s Got a Brand New App

Plastic surgery app, HoustonPick up that IPhone – there’s a new App in town! Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is now available in App form from ITunes; so you can take our expertise with you, wherever you go. What could be more convenient, private, and simple?

Follow us on Twitter? There is a streaming Twitter feed right on the App, so you can stay up to date with the latest cosmetic surgery news from Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.  Keep up-to-date on new products, promotions and specials, and even national cosmetic surgery happenings.

Want to know about a certain procedure? Blepharoplasty?  Juvederm Injectable Gel?  Mommy Makeover?  Vitenas Skin Institute?  We have detailed information about our every procedure, and the products that we use, in an easy to sort through format.  Think you know what you like?  Make sure by watching Dr. Vitenas’ informational YouTube videos, and go through our Before/After photos, all right there on the Vitenas App.

Now for the fun part: you think you know the procedure you want, but still wonder how it would really look on you.  Click on our Virtual Plastic Surgery link – now, right from your phone, you will be able to take or upload a picture of yourself (or use a sample photo), and see for yourself how your results will turn out.  It’s really that simple!  Maybe try smoothing those forehead wrinkles before your Botox consultation.  Why not see how that larger chin looks on you – give it some thought – then hit Share: you can save your photo, have a friend look it over, or even send the picture to Dr. Vitenas and get his impression of your Before/After rejuvenation photo.

Still feel like you need more information?  Click on the Dr. Vitenas link to get his background information, his mission for the office, and find out his focus of patient care.  From this link, it is easy to request a complementary consultation directly through the App, or get all of our contact information saved directly to your phone.

Go to the ITunes App Store, search for Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery, and download our App for free.  With all of this information right at your fingertips . . . why wait?