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Celebrity Surgery Buzz

The rich and famous have access to some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the country… and so do you.  Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery has over two decades of experience and thousands of satisfied patients – just like Beverly Hill’s finest!  With all that expertise and skill available locally, what are we waiting for?  There is no reason not to look and feel like a movie star!

So who is the latest celebrity on the cosmetic surgery radar, right now?  It is Mariah Carey.  She is getting attention for her amazing weight loss and boy, she does look fabulous.  Mariah has shed her baby weight and regained her famous curves.  Looking closely though, a tummy tuck may have helped her remove any sagging, unsightly skin left over on her abdomen after the weight loss.  That’s just the kind that haunts a mom after a pregnancy, too, and Mariah did give birth to twins!

The other beauty buzz is about Jane Fonda.  She has been all over the talk show circuit this month promoting her new book – and all we can say is “Wow”!  Many women would love to look as good at 53 as she does at 73, with gorgeous skin and sculpted cheek bones.  This week, she admitted to Matt Lauer, on the Today Show, that she has had a chin lift, neck lift, and work under her eyes.  Jane said she wanted the way she felt on the inside to show on the outside.   There is no doubt Jane has taken fabulous care of her body and her skin over the years but she knew when a little help could make a huge difference in her appearance.

You do not have to be wealthy to have the best of the best.  Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is here to help you feel like a super star.  We also offer exceptional financing choices to make these procedures both attainable and affordable for everyone.