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Just a few things, Santa

Christmas Cosmetic Surgery in TexasDear Santa Claus,

I know I have been a little naughty this year, but I am writing to confess.  I hope I can just make a fresh start for the New Year.  I’m sure you’ll understand about the excess of chocolate I consumed this year, it was just too delicious to pass up, but now my skin and waistline really show my weakness.  Also, while I thought about wearing sunscreen every day, I’m afraid I just wasn’t always successful.  Now my skin is beginning to look a tad dull and damaged.

But remember all the good things I did – won’t these get me on the Nice List?  I did give up tanning beds completely.  It’s been a whole year since I quit smoking; I know my skin and body are healthier for that.  And those extra pounds I gained?  Well, I am exercising regularly and slimming back down.

SO… Santa, there are just a few things on my list:

  1. An Obaji Chemical Peel to strip away my weathered, tired skin.  The perfect gift so I can once again look refreshed and rejuvenated.
  2. A Mommy Makeover to tighten up my tummy, my waistline, and address my lower back.  Even after losing weight, my skin can’t get back to its taunt smoothness on its own.
  3. And why not go a little more traditional?  Botox Cosmetic is a beauty standby!  Perfect to get rid of my frown line and my forehead creases… I promise not to stress so much next year.
  4. Finally, I want a gift card from Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery.  Then I can pick whatever I need: a chin lift, a vaginal rejuvenation, a hand fat transfer, or maybe some laser hair removal… oh, there are so many things – I just can’t decide!

Once Christmas morning arrives, I’ll be the happiest, prettiest, and luckiest girl around.  I will always believe in you, Santa.  Thank you for believing in me!

Your biggest fan,

Women concerned about the way they look.