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A Vitenas Christmas Carol

A Vitenas Christmas Carol in HoustonOne frosty Christmas Eve, while sleeping in my bed, I had a life-changing dream. It suddenly became clear, that while I had been taking tireless care of my family, I had become a Scrooge when it came to investing in ME. In my dream, I saw three versions of myself – and it went something like this:

The Ghost of Christmas Past was quite a sight. She was a gorgeous, but she took her looks for granted. Christmas Past wore no moisturizer, no sunscreen, and even enjoyed a weekly visit to the tanning bed. Like most women her age, she didn’t realize that caring for her face now would help fight off the tired and weathered skin that would eventually arrive.

Next, the Ghost of Christmas Present appeared. The skin that she once thought was only for the old and unlucky was now hers. Strangers saw her as aging, and coworkers viewed her as worn-out. Christmas Present’s husband thought she had just given up. Years of abuse had taken a dramatic toll on her skin, and although she tried to deny it as long as possible, her past sins had finally caught up to her complexion.

Then I saw the Ghost of Christmas Future. Something was different; this woman looked ten years younger. Her face was smooth and refreshed. No longer did I see the frown line between her eyebrows – her expression look joyful and warm. Her forehead was smooth, no furrows from years of worry and aging. Christmas Future’s lips were up-turned, no more drooping cheeks to give her that constant scowl. With the help of Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm Injectable, she looked youthful and dazzling, not plastic or frozen.

My life as a Cosmetic Scrooge finally came to an end. With this Christmas vision dancing in my head, I knew what I needed to do to repair my damaged skin, rejuvenate my appearance, and guarantee a beautiful future. The time had come to visit the staff at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery. After being guided through my consultation and my first cosmetic procedure, I could see Dr. Vitenas was as caring and joyful as Santa himself. He gave me a hug and wished good luck on my way to a new me…

Merry Christmas to all from Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery