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4 Signs That You’re a Candidate for Liposuction

Liposuction in Houston, TX

Fat – everyone has got it.  Where that fat is located and how much there is will vary greatly from person to person.  It is not just the number on the scale that determines how much fat you have. A tendency to fatty deposits can be found in your genes, gender, and family history.  For example, women tend to have more fat around their hips and thighs, while men tend to stockpile fat around the abdomen.  Some people have the genetic background for a double chin, others not so much.  Having a baby can also change where your body stores fat.  Women who have been pregnant might notice more fat in the chest area or on their abdomen than before they were pregnant.

No matter where your stubborn fat is, liposuction is a fantastic option to get rid of it.  This minimally invasive procedure can remove unwanted fat from almost anywhere on the body.  Liposuction can help you achieve the sculpted body shape you have been dreaming of. 

However, like other plastic surgery procedures, it may not be the right pick for everyone.  Here are four ways to know if liposuction is right for you.

1 – You Are at Your Goal Weight

Liposuction is not is a surgery for weight loss.  For the most part, your surgeon will want you to be at your desired weight, or as close to is as possible before you schedule liposuction.  While you might notice that you drop a few pounds after the fat is gone, you will not lose a dramatic amount of weight afterward.  If you do have the surgery before you have reached your target weight, there is a good chance that losing more weight afterwards could alter some of your results.  You will not see the fat return in the same location, but losing more fat or muscle from the area can lead to loose or sagging skin.

2 – That Fat Just Is Not Going Anywhere

Not everyone needs liposuction. There are a few lucky people out there who simply need to adjust their diet or run an extra mile at the gym to see the inches of fat drop away.  The best candidates for liposuction are those with fat that just will not budge, no matter what.  You might have been at your goal weight for years, you might work out for at least an hour every day, or you might eat a diet that puts the healthiest nutritionist to shame, but you may still have that muffin top around your hips or those saddlebags on your thighs.  In this case, you might be just the sort of person liposuction is meant for.

3 – You Understand What Liposuction Can and Cannot Do

Surgeons want their patients to have realistic expectations before undertaking any cosmetic procedure.  In short, that means understanding the benefits and the limitations of the technique.  In the case of liposuction, you should understand that it will not help you lose massive amounts of weight. It will not turn you into a completely different person or erase insecurities about your body.

What liposuction can do is kiss that unwanted fat goodbye, so that you notice that your clothes fit better, maybe dropping a size or two.  You will still be the same person on the inside, but you might feel happier about how you look, changing your outlook, and making make better lifestyle choices.  Liposuction might not take all of your insecurities away, but it might make you feel more confident about an area you once considered a problem.

4 – You Have Time for Recovery

Since it is invasive surgery, liposuction usually requires a recovery period.  It is important that you have enough time after the surgery to allow for rest and healing.  Usually, your surgeon will recommend taking about a week off from work after the surgery.  Carefully follow your surgeon’s instructions.  You may be required to wear a special compression garment after your liposuction procedure, which will help the area settle into its new shape.  Your surgeon will also advise you to postpone any strenuous activity and exercise for at least a month following your liposuction procedure.   

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