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What You Can Really Expect from a Tummy Tuck

Everyone has got their problem area; the part of the body that, no matter what they do, does not seem to improve on its own. Judging from the number of “flat belly” workouts, diet tips, and special garments there are out there, the tummy or abdominal area is one area that many people wished looked just a bit better.

A tummy tuck is a surgical solution for an abdomen that is bigger or puffier than you would like it to be.  If you’re considering the surgery, you might wonder exactly what it does and exactly what you can expect to get out of it.  Let Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery tell you what you can really expect from the tummy tuck procedure.

Why People Want It

While some people are able to get a flat stomach with diet or exercise, others just do not have that much success.  There are lots of reasons why a person might develop a bit of a tummy pooch in the first place.  In some cases, it all comes to down to the genes.  If your parents carried fat in their abdominal areas, it is likely that you will, too.

For plenty of moms, the process of being pregnant and giving birth can change the way the stomach area looks. Pregnancy can stretch out the skin of the tummy area so that it does not bounce back after birth.  Pregnancy can also make the abdominal muscles weaker or lead to the development of fat deposits around the tummy.

Losing a lot of weight can make the stomach area look saggy or droopy. As a person loses a lot of fat, they may find they now have excess skin. Fluctuations in weight over time can also affect the skin’s elasticity, making it difficult for it to bounce back after a weight loss.  A tummy tuck can help tighten the skin in the abdominal area for a firmer, flatter appearance.

What It Can Do

There are several different types of tummy tucks, each of which is designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of patients. A mini tummy tuck, for example, is the least involved option. During a mini tummy tuck, the surgeon typically makes smaller incisions across the abdominal area and elevates and excises a smaller amount of skin or muscle.

A full tummy tuck involves a longer incision, usually stretching from hip bone to hip bone. It might involve the navel area, as well. Depending on a person’s needs and wants, it is not uncommon for a surgeon to combine a tummy tuck with liposuction to remove a considerable amount of excess fat from the abdominal area, as well.

Who It Can Help

Like many plastic surgery procedures, a tummy tuck is not for everyone. Typically, the ideal candidate for the surgery is someone who is in good overall health, who does not smoke, and who has not seen any change to the abdominal area with diet or exercise alone. If you have lost a lot of weight and are near or at your goal weight, the surgery can help you achieve the body shape you’ve hoped for.  If you have had a child or children and your stomach area is no longer as flat or tight as it once was, the surgery might be right for you.

Keep in mind that a tummy tuck is not a type of weight loss surgery.  It will not help you drop that last 50 or 20 pounds.  In fact, if you schedule a tummy tuck, then lose more weight, this can actually undo the results from your surgery.

The same is true of pregnancy. It is best to wait to schedule a tummy tuck until after you are sure you have finished having children.  Additional pregnancies can significantly change your results.

What Happens After Surgery

You will need to take a few weeks off after your tummy tuck to give yourself time to heal. You can expect some swelling in the area and a bit of discomfort, but your surgeon will give you pain medications to help minimize any discomfort. To make things easier on yourself, it is a good idea to have a friend or loved one stay by your side for the first few days after the tummy tuck. You can also stay overnight at the surgical center, if you wish.

If you want a younger-looking, flatter stomach, talk to Houston-based plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Vitenas. Dr. Vitenas will go over your options, give you an idea of what to expect, and provide tips and guidance for the recovery period. To schedule your consultation, call Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery at (281) 484-0088.