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Consider a Neck Lift After Losing Weight

Neck Lift After Losing Weight

There are many surgical procedures available to patients who have recently had dramatic weight loss. Everything from a tummy tuck to a facelift can help take care of stubborn problem spots or tighten areas of loose skin. A neck lift is an excellent option for patients because it does both of these things along your neck and jaw.

How the Body Accommodates Extra Weight

Everyone knows that to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to eat well and exercise regularly. The amount of calories you take in should match the amount of calories your body uses.

However, when you consume more than your body can burn off, the extra calories are converted into fat and stored until your body requires more energy. Those fat pockets can be anywhere on your body, and they respond to gravity and are eventually pulled downward.

Your skin also stretches to accommodate the fat pockets. On your neck, these two effects combine to give you what’s known as a double-chin.

How the Body Handles Weight Loss

To lose weight, your body has to consume more energy than it takes in. When it runs out of the calories you eat, it accesses those reserves of fat for more energy, causing the fat to disappear off your body over time.

Not all of that fat can be burned away, however. Some fat deposits are extra stubborn and won’t go away even with a good diet and exercise.

Your skin also has a harder time shrinking. Skin is elastic and capable of bouncing back to its original state, which is why we are able to heal after trauma. If the skin is stretched to a certain point, however, it can’t go back to what it once was without some help.

This means that even if you lose weight, your neck could still have a double-chin appearance.

A Neck Lift to Enhance Your Lighter Look

Neck lifts are similar to tummy tucks in that they involve removing any excess fat that remains in the neck while tightening up the skin to enhance your jaw and remove the double-chin.

The procedure involves making incisions along the bottom of your hairline, down and around your ear to the back of your neck. The extent and placement of the incisions will depend on the amount of work that your neck lift requires.

From here, fat deposits can be removed or repositioned. The muscles can be tightened, if necessary. Any excess skin will also be removed. After all the adjustments are made, the skin is lifted and sutured back into place along the incisions.

This whole process only takes a couple of hours and the incisions are hidden along the hairline or near the ear. Complete recovery takes several weeks, but most patients are able to resume normal activity after the first 10 to 14 days.

Any really strenuous activity should be avoided for about four to six weeks. Your doctor will give you a better idea of how to care for yourself post-surgery depending on the extent of your neck lift.

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Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S. of the Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery and the Fine Art of Natural Cosmetic Surgery is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and founder of Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery. He has practiced in the Houston area since 1990, and has been named one of Houston’s Top Doctors and America’s Top Plastic Surgeons. He’s also been awarded Houston’s Most Compassionate Doctor and a Top Doctor for Women.