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Consider the Real Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

While breast augmentation may get all the attention from the media and prospective patients, one of the most beneficial and potentially empowering breast surgeries is a breast reconstruction. Patients who have lost the shape, contour, and even tissue can begin the healing process through breast reconstruction.

After a mastectomy, or an extensive biopsy to the breast tissue, many women are encouraged to pursue this physically and emotionally beneficial procedure. If you’re unfamiliar with the procedure, or unsure whether it could be right for you, consider these real benefits a breast reconstruction might offer to you.

What Is a Breast Reconstruction and When Is It Recommended?

Breast reconstruction was designed to restore the appearance of breasts and the psychological health of the patient after cancer treatments or trauma to the breasts. Through modern surgical techniques, plastic surgeons are able to recreate a natural-looking result for these patients who have often undergone a significant amount of personal pain, emotional stress, and much more.

Breast reconstruction can be performed immediately following a mastectomy so that the patient wakes up with a new breast mound. It can also be performed months or years after a mastectomy or trauma incident, depending on the patient’s health, further treatment strategies, and the advice of her oncology team.

The Breast Reconstruction Procedure

A breast reconstruction will typically involve multiple operations over a period of time to gradually restore the shape and feel of the breasts. The first surgery involves the creation of a breast mound, the beginning stage of what will be the patient’s new breasts. Further surgeries may include saline or silicone breast implants or other strategies, as determined by your surgical and oncological teams together. Some patients may achieve their desired results with natural tissue flaps made from skin, fat, and sometimes muscles from the patient’s own body. In many cases, some combination of these techniques will be used to create the most natural-looking result.

The Physical and Emotional Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Patients of breast reconstruction are all unique in their experiences and results. However, many patients may discover a number of significant benefits following their procedures. These may include:
• Comfort in her own appearance
• Improvement to her sexual well-being
• Positive changes to psychological health, such as improved self-image and confidence
• Increased sociability with friends, family, coworkers, and new acquaintances
• Ability to heal emotionally after her own experiences with cancer, surgery, and trauma

While breast reconstruction can offer different benefits to all of its patients, it can certainly mark the beginning of a woman’s new health and new life after cancer.

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