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Labia Reduction

Although not as common as other types of plastic surgery, genital cosmetic surgery has seen a steady rise over the past several years.  Labia reduction, or Labiaplasty, is one of the most popular types of female genital surgery currently available.  While the labia reduction is sometimes viewed in a negative light, it can provide some important benefits for women struggling both physically and emotionally with an overly large labia.

A Brief Background on the Labia:

The labia are part of the exterior of the female genitalia, and are comprised of two distinct sets of tissue: the labia major and the labia minor.  The labia major is the larger, outer set while the labia minor is the smaller, more internal set. These tissues are important in protecting the vagina and contributing to sexual pleasure.  Ideally, the labia tissues are relatively uniform in size, shape, and position, functioning normally without any problems.  When the labia are especially large or asymmetrical in shape, however, they can cause varying levels of pain and discomfort. Women with this condition often find themselves uncomfortable when they exercise or engage in sexual activity. For the more severe cases, even wearing underwear can be painful.

How Labial Tissue Becomes Enlarged:

There are three common causes of excessively large labia: pregnancy, genetics, and aging.  When a woman is pregnant and gives birth vaginally, the labia are forced to stretch to accommodate the fetus as it moves through the birthing canal and the vagina.  The labia may not recover fully from the pregnancy, even after the rest of the woman’s body does.  Other women may be born with the condition, which can become increasingly worse over time.  Aging also reduces the elastin fibers in the soft tissue, causing the labia to become more relaxed and vulnerable to the effects of gravity.

How a Labia Reduction Can Help:

A labia reduction, also referred to as a Labiaplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size or amount of labial tissue. Both the labia major and the labia minor sets can be reduced, though typically only the labia major will require the procedure.  During the Labiaplasty, excess tissue is removed, and the labia are reshaped to be more comfortable and visually pleasing.
Once the excess tissue is removed and the Labiaplasty recovery is complete, the labia will look and function normally.  Pain or discomfort that were previously experienced by the patient will be eliminated.

Remember, a labia reduction does not create a “designer vagina” surgery, nor is it a form of genital mutilation.  While some women do undergo the procedure so that their labia will look like those seen in magazines or movies, most patients seek the labia reduction because physical activity and wearing clothing causes them pain.  The Labiaplasty does not damage or mutilate a woman’s genitalia.  It is a procedure specifically designed to reshape the labia, while keeping the genitalia intact and preserving their overall function.

How You Can Schedule a Labia Reduction Consultation:

Dr. Paul Vitenas has been offering the Labiaplasty procedure for more than 20 years.  Over time, he has perfected his surgical technique, providing the most effective and safe labia reduction procedure in Houston.  If your labia make you uncomfortable, or cause pain during physical activity or wearing tight clothing, make an appointment for a Labiaplasty patient consultation. Dr. Vitenas can be reached by calling (281) 484-0088 or through email using his Contact page.