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Is the Wrong Breast Size Wearing You Down?

Right Bra Size

Thanks to Oprah, most women now have come to understand there are very important details that go into picking out the right size bra for her unique size/shape.  But think about this for a minute – what if your breasts are not the right size for your body proportions?  Maybe the correct bra size is just covering up the wrong size breasts.

The right breast size for you:

There is no simple calculation for finding the perfect breast size.  Words like ‘natural’, ‘C cup’, and ‘fake’ all mean different things to different women.  Overall, most women want to look curvaceous and feminine, with breasts that are proportionate to their height, weight, and physical build.  Two women of the same height or similar weight will not necessarily desire the same breast size.  Their entire physique and lifestyle must to be taken into consideration.

A variety of different breast implant types available, as well.  These include choices such as saline or silicone, smooth or textured, and moderate or high profile.  Breast implant specifics can be mixed and matched, tailoring each augmentation to the patient’s individual needs.

How to determine your best breast:

There is no need to feel overwhelmed by all of the choices in breast implants.  If you are thinking that you might look better with a breast augmentation, schedule a consultation at your cosmetic surgeon’s office.  This appointment is complimentary, and can provide the answer to your questions.

At the consultation, after a brief physical exam and discussion of your goals, it will be time to try on implant sizers.  These are available in every implant choice, size, and texture.  Wear a sheer, non-padded bra and a thin, stretchy t-shirt when trying on sizers.  This will give you the opportunity to see how each implant looks on your individual body.  While many doctors also use computer imagery, there is simply no substitute for seeing how a breast implant will look under your clothes, right in the office.

Dr. Paul Vitenas has been the top breast augmentation surgeon in Houston for over 25 years.  Schedule your complimentary consultation at his office by calling 281.484.0088.  At this time, Dr. Vitenas can help you determine the most beautiful breast size that works with your body, instead of against it.