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Make Rhinoplasty Recovery Easier

Easier Rhinoplasty Recovery

Even when you schedule your much-planned rhinoplasty procedure, there is still a fair amount of uncertainty. Working with a Board Certified, experienced, facial plastic surgeon – who comes highly recommended – still leaves a slight chance that you will not be completely happy with your results. There could also be the unexpected chance that your recovery period will be a bit rougher or more unpleasant than you had expected. While you can’t guarantee much when it comes to your surgical results, you can plan in advance, and do a few things to help your recovery go as well as it can.

Utilize Hired Help

Your facial plastic surgeon has probably advised you to have a friend or relative bring you home from the surgical center after your rhinoplasty.  If possible, they should stay with you during  the first night, as well. If you  have kids, pets, or more commonly, a helpless spouse at home, hiring outside help can also make the recovery process a bit easier.

For example, if you have school aged children whom you usually help with their homework, it would be beneficial to hire a tutor to assist them over thes first few weeks.  This way, you won’t have to worry about making sense of long division or helping your children spell difficult words when all you should be doing is relaxing.

Hiring a dog walker or pet sitter can also be helpful during the first few weeks after surgery. While taking short walks is recommended after rhinoplasty, if you  have a fairly active pet, his or her demands for walks might well be too much for you doing the recovery period.   Take the presseure off of yourself, and have a local teenager come by once or twice a day to walk you fur-babies.

If you have a spouse who readily tackles the household chores without being reminded by you, you probably don’t need to hire a housekeeper during your recovery. But, if you don’t want to nag your partner when you should be resting and you really don’t want to deal with vacuuming, dusting or the dishes when you should be resting, the best thing to do is hire outside help for at least the first few weeks.

Enjoy the Unexpected Downtime

Active people will have the biggest struggle with the limitations after a rhinoplasty. If you regularly exercise at the gym, play on a sports team, or run at home, it is not easy to hear all strenuous activity must be postponed for four weeks.  Fortunately, there is another way to approach the mandatory downtime after a rhinoplasty.

Embrace the relaxation and rest you’ll get during recovery. Instead of lamenting the fact that you will be sitting on the sidelines, or worrying that you’ll lose muscle tone during your break from working out.   Take a deep breath and enjoy the unexpected downtime.  Use it as a chance to do things you’re usually too busy to enjoy, such as catching up on a bestselling book or watching the latest season of a popular show. You can also use your downtime as an excuse to take up a new hobby, such as teaching yourself to knit.

Go Easy On Yourself; This Was Major Surgery, After All

It is important to remember, as you recover from a rhinoplasty, to be cautious with your body while it is healing.  The first couple weeks after surgery are not the time to tan or to lay out in the sun. Instead, you want to protect the delicate, healing skin around your nose from sun exposure; this can cause a permanent, unpleseant darkening of the scar tissue.  Avoid spending too much time outdoors and apply sunscreen everyday.

You will also want to be gentle when going through your daily routine, such as brushing your teeth or puttin gon makeup.  Try not to blow your nose for a few weeks after surgery, allowing the tissues to fully heal.  Instead of wearing glasses, switch to contact lenses, if you can. Avoid contact sports of any kind for at least six weeks.  You want to stay away from anything that puts pressure or force on your healing nose.

Schedule Plastic Surgery Well in Advance of Any Events

You often hear about the bride who schedules her rhinoplasty just a few weeks before her wedding.  While you might look presentable just a few weeks after your rhinoplasty, it is recommended that you schedule any plastic surgery months in advance of any big life events, whether it be a wedding, graduation, or other monomunetal occasion.

By giving yourself plenty of time to recover after a rhinoplasty, you will be guaranteed to look your best in time for the big day.  You will also be more relaxed.  Scheduleing your surgery too close to an important occasion means that your entire recovery period may be spent worrying  if you will look presentable for the big day.

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