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Separate Cellulite Fact From Fiction

Separate Cellulite Fact From Fiction

With Spring Break coming up, you might be thinking of packing a bikini and heading someplace with sandy beaches and warm ocean waves. But a peek at your thighs after all that holiday indulgence and hiding under winter clothes may have you reconsidering those swimsuit plans.

Cellulite can happen to anyone, whether they are overweight, underweight, or a normal weight. Although it’s a common occurrence, or perhaps because it’s a common occurrence, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about cellulite. Separate fact from fiction and learn what you can do to make your thighs look smooth.

You Don’t Have Cellulite Because of Too Much Fat

Although cellulite is created by fat, it’s actually more of a skin issue than a fat issue. You can get it whether you’re 50 pounds overweight, carry a lot of extra fat on your thighs, or even if you’re an incredibly trim lingerie model.

Cellulite is the fat that’s between your skin and your muscle. Your muscle and skin are connected by various strands of connective tissue. When all is well, the connective tissue is strong and holds your skin and muscle in place, and the fat between them lies flat. But, if the connective tissue is weak, the fat can push up against the skin, creating the tell-tale bumps of cellulite.

Other things that can cause your connective tissue to weaken include weight loss, weight gain, sun exposure and getting older.

Liposuction Doesn’t Work on Cellulite

Since fat plays a role in causing cellulite and liposuction removes unwanted fat from the body, the thinking goes that liposuction can be a cure for cellulite. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Liposuction focuses on a different type of fat, which is located deeper in the body, while the fat related to cellulite is subcutaneous, or just below the surface of the skin. 

Water Doesn’t Work Either

It’s important to drink enough water each day to stay healthy. But, water isn’t necessarily the miracle cure everyone thinks it is. Drink enough water to keep your body properly hydrated, not because you believe it will make the cellulite vanish.

Aging Doesn’t Cause Cellulite

You can get cellulite at any age. While getting older doesn’t necessarily cause cellulite, the aging process can contribute to it by making it more visible. As you get older, your skin loses its elasticity and the connective tissue becomes weaker, which can make cellulite more prominent. Changes in your hormone levels, such as a decrease in estrogen as you age can also play a role in making your cellulite more visible.

There Is Something You Can Do

Since you can get cellulite no matter your age or weight, it can be easy to assume there’s nothing you can do to prevent it or to reduce it once it appears. But there are a few things you can do. One effective treatment option is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that involves a series of injections which are administered into the layer of fat beneath the skin.

Along with mesotherapy, there are a few things you can do to keep cellulite from returning or to prevent it in the first place. A healthy diet and a steady exercise routine will reduce your chances of developing cellulite. Keeping your weight steady can also help you avoid cellulite or keep it from coming back. Some topical products can also be used to reduce cellulite and tighten skin.

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