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Three Surprising Spots for Liposuction

Locations for Liposuction

Over the years, it is not uncommon for the body to lose its taut, svelte shape.  Weight gain is the usual culprit, but there are many factors, including genetics, that can result in sagging, drooping, and puffy features.  Unfortunately, even with significant weight loss and lifestyle changes, some areas are almost impossible to improve.

When Liposuction comes to mind, the treatment area most people think of is the abdomen, thighs, or ‘love handles’.  However, the procedure can do so much more.  Using Liposuction, Dr. Vitenas can gently remove unwanted fatty tissue from a variety of locations, restoring the body’s youthful contour.

3 Surprising Liposuction Locations:

1. Jawline

Jowls are fatty deposits along the lower cheek and jawline.  These can age the appearance significantly.  Liposuction can slim the jawline, tighten under the neck, and smooth below the chin.  A sculpted jawline will be created, meaning a younger, fresher appearance.

2. Cankels

The dreaded cankel (calf and ankle merging together as one) can slowly appear over time, but rarely do they go away on their own.  Liposuction can define the transition between calf and ankle, dramatically improving the sleek lines of the lower leg.

3. Male Breast:

Weight gain, certain medications, and hormonal changes play a part in the development of ‘man boobs’, also known as Gynecomastia.  Liposuction can easily decrease the fatty deposits that create a large male breast.  The results are a flat, masculine chest.

Liposuction has come a long way since it skyrocketed to popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Methods and techniques have improved in safety and efficiency, meaning faster procedures and shorter recovery times.  Patients are back at work, depending on the extent of their correction, in just a day or two.

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