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Weight Gain After Liposuction

Gaining Weight After Liposuction

“Will the fat come back?”  This is the number one question potential Liposuction patients ask before their procedure.  While the simplest answer is ‘no’, there is a bit more to add.  To preserve the amazing results from a Liposuction procedure, patients must follow a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.  Here’s why:

Liposuction does permanently remove fat cells in a targeted area.  The semi-invasive procedure also demolishes the ‘cottage cheese’ fat matrix immediately under the skin that holds these fat cells together.  Fortunately, the body will not regrow these exact fat cells.  This means that in the specific places where fatty tissue was removed, no more fat cells will develop.

The problem becomes the surrounding fat cells.  If weight gain continues after Liposuction, it will accumulate in other areas, where there are fat cells ready to be filled up.  Visceral fat lies deep inside the body and organs.  Since Liposuction only eliminates the fat cells directly under the skin, these deeper layers of fatty tissue remain, and have the ability to grow.

To protect your Liposuction results, and a healthy body, keep in mind:

  • You must stay vigilant with an active lifestyle.  Liposuction can give you a jumpstart to looking trim, but the hard work is not over.  Establish an exercise routine and practice healthy eating habits.  Maintaining a stable weight means your results will look great for years to come.
  • Only consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon for your Liposuction procedure.  Under their direction, the fat elimination process will be both safe and effective.  Your surgeon can assist with ways to keep the Liposuction results looking beautiful for the long-term.

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