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The Body Lift at Houston’s Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

The body lift is a surgical procedure created to restore a beautiful, youthful shape to the body.  For some, the body lift can create a tight, smooth figure for the first time.  Also known as a belt lipectomy, or circumferential tummy tuck, the procedure not only removes excess skin and fat of the abdomen, but will also address the lower back and hips.

The results of the body lift can often be life changing.  The procedure is ideal for those patients who have experienced massive weight loss but are left with sagging, loose skin and tissue.  The body lift can be combined with other procedures, for an even more complete physical rejuvenation, including techniques such as liposuction or the brachioplasty (arm lift).  The best candidate for the body lift will be in good overall health, a nonsmoker, and seeking a chance to reduce excess skin and fat along the middle section of the body.

Before & After Body Lift Photos in HoustonThe body lift will take from four to six hours, performed under general anesthesia.  Dr. Vitenas’ body lift procedure will be performed at the Houston Surgery Center, an accredited surgical facility located in the same building.  In most situations, an overnight stay is recommended for additional patient comfort.  Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery provides an optional 23-hour recovery suite, steps away from the surgery center and the practice.

Self Magazine June 2007, TXTo begin the body lift procedure, a circumferential incision is made around the lower abdomen and above the buttocks.  From here, the unwanted skin and fat are excised from the abdomen, hips, and lower back.  The recovery following a body lift takes about two weeks.  A compression garment will be required during this time, reducing the chance for swelling, and to promote proper healing.  Small drainage tubes are placed in the treatment area after surgery, and these are normally removed within five to ten days.  While moderate discomfort is normal immediately after the procedure, Dr. Vitenas will provide the proper pain medications for a peaceful recovery.  Most patients are comfortable enough to return to work or school in two weeks or less.  No exercise or heavy lifting will be permitted for four to six weeks.

Body Lift FAQ:

What is a belt-Lipectomy?

A body lift, sometimes called a belt lipectomy, is an invasive procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen, backside, and hips, restoring a beautiful shape to the body.

Will I make a good candidate for a body lift?

Anyone who is trying to deal with excess skin and fat in the middle section of the body may be good candidate for a body lift. The procedure is ideal for patients who are left with excess skin and fatty tissue following massive weight loss.

What does the body lift consultation consist of?

Dr. Vitenas will schedule a complimentary body lift consultation prior to the surgical procedure.  At this time, he will review your medical history and perform a physical evaluation.  After explaining the body lift, he will answer any remaining questions.  Before/After photographs of his recent body lift patients will be used to show the potential results.  Once the recovery, risks, costs, and financing options have been discussed, it will be determined if a body lift is right for your needs. 

Where does Dr. Vitenas perform the body lift surgery?

Dr. Vitenas will perform the body lift at the Houston Surgery Center.  This accredited surgical suite is located in the Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery building. 

What is the estimated cost of a body lift?

The body lift procedure will range from $17,000-$20,000.  This price includes the surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgical suite fees, and all follow-ups.  The exact price of your body lift will be determined at the consultation appointment.  Upload your photos using the Contact Us form to get an online quote.

Is general anesthesia used doing the body lift?

Yes, Dr. Vitenas will always utilize general anesthesia during his body lift procedures.

How is the body lift performed?

To begin the body lift, a circumferential incision will be created around the lower abdomen and above the buttocks.  Once the incision is made, unwanted, stretched skin and fatty tissue along the abdomen, lower back, and hips will be excised.  Remaining muscle and tissue is then pulled taut, and sutures are placed for healing.

How long can I expect the body lift surgery to take?

Depending on the individual patient’s situation, a body lift will take from four to six hours.

Where are the body lift incisions placed?

The body lift utilizes a circumferential, or beltline, incision – running around the lower abdomen, above the hips and buttocks. 

Will the body lift scar?

 Yes, a scar will remain along the incision lines, following a body lift.  The scar will fade somewhat over time, but will remain visible.

Is the body lift painful?

There is moderate discomfort following a body lift.  Dr. Vitenas will control the discomfort with pain mediations. 

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What should I plan to experience during my body lift recovery?

In general, the recovery from a body lift will last for two weeks.  A compression garment will need to be worn for the first several weeks.  Drainage tubes, which are placed after surgery to avoid the accumulation of fluid, will be removed after five to ten days.  Some swelling and bruising is common, as well.  

When can I return to work after my body lift?

Most people are feeling good enough to return to their normal work schedule about two weeks after their body lift.

Will I be able to exercise after my body lift?

Patients need to postpone strenuous activity and heavy lifting for four to six weeks following a body lift.

What are the potential risks associated with the body lift procedure?

While the body lift is generally a safe procedure, there are potential complications.  These can include excessive bleeding, scarring, delayed wound healing, and permanent nerve damage.

Will I have the option of financing my upcoming body lift procedure?

Yes, Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery offers several payment options, including cash, credit card, and financing through CareCredit.  Visit our finance page or contact a patient coordinator for additional information on the payment choices.