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Boosting More Than Your Appearance with Cosmetic Surgery

cosmetic injections in houstonHistory is littered with celebrities who have used plastic surgery to further their careers or merely extend their shelf life. It’s a cynical way to look at something that is arguably as much about self-improvement and confidence as it is about appearance, but then celebrity is a cynical business at times.

Ivana Trump famously changed her appearance in order to win favor from her husband Donald Trump, as revealed in Gwenda Blair’s excellent book Donald Trump, Master Apprentice: “After her husband [Trump] complained that she looked old and haggard, she had extensive plastic surgery and emerged looking at least a decade younger.”

However, Blair goes on to say that “He [Trump] seemed unmoved.”

This just goes to show that no amount of work – and Ivana Trump, by all accounts, remodeled almost everything to try and please her husband – can compensate for a relationship that has soured.

On the other hand, perhaps any surgery she had gave her back her confidence, because today she is lauded for her work in high fashion, as a business leader, and role model for women everywhere. Not to mention her various books, including bestselling novels and a self-help book dealing with the fallout from a divorce, and how to rebound effectively. It’s fair to say that, as a celebrity in her own right, Ivana has come into her own.

Getting that self-confidence back can be greatly helped by embarking on some cosmetic surgery procedures. It’s no substitute for understanding that, following a separation, divorce, or other life-changing event, being back on the shelf is an opportunity to reinvent oneself, but it can help the process.

It’s a chance to take a new look at the way you appear to others, and tweak it just enough to make you more confident that you can achieve your aims and goals.

Dr. Vitenas says it best: “We believe in the relentless pursuit of perfection and see no substitute for trying to obtain it in all that we do.”

The surgical team, starting with Dr. Vitenas, will work tirelessly to make sure that they help you to achieve the perfect look. That way, you can be completely sure that you are presenting your best self to the world, and the confidence will grow from within.

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