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Botox Cosmetic TreatmentsRecently, a reporter for the Sun newspaper in the UK underwent both Botox and a filler injection in the spirit of journalistic enquiry, and also because she looked in the mirror and began to see echoes of her mother staring back at her.

Wrinkles, and other signs of aging will affect us all. As one of the people commenting on the article said – no amount of filler is going to help us look younger forever. On the other hand, we want to look good for the here and now, and Botox, along with various brands of fillers, is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

But beware being attracted to a deal solely on the promise of a low price. Various techniques, such as over-diluting the product with saline, under-estimating the number of actual units that are required, and buying under the counter as opposed to off the shelf can actually lead to damage, and will certainly not deliver the expected result.

As Dr. Vitenas points out in his latest infographic and New User Guide to Botox, it’s all about picking a specialist, knowing where you want the treatment, as well as having a good idea of the quantity that will be needed, and asking lots of well-informed questions.

As for the more common questions – such as “does it hurt”? – every patient’s experience will be different. Botox injections, according to reporter Deborah Ross, don’t hurt any more than those you get at the dentist. Some people report that having fillers inserted hurts more than the Botox, simply because of the way that they have to be applied. Of course, the results speak for themselves, and in the hands of a skilled surgeon, they can be remarkable.

While it is no substitute for a free consultation, it can at least let you check, at the outset, whether Botox is for you. Reading accounts of real people who have had treatment is useful to arm you with questions, but they need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Ms. Ross states that she didn’t have people running up to her to comment; perhaps that’s the best compliment that the surgeon could be paid. Small, unobtrusive, and complementary changes are better than an all-out face-change after all.

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