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Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift

breast lift vs breast agumentation

If there’s one thing in life you can count on, it’s that your breasts will not stay the same. Pregnancy, breast feeding, and aging are just three things that can change the size or position of your breasts. In some cases, you might be happy with the changes. In others, you might be left wondering where your breasts went or wondering when you developed saggy breasts.

There are a number of surgeries that can change the size or shape of your breasts or that can restore a more youthful form the breasts. While there’s a lot of attention given to breast augmentation, breast lift, also called mastoplexy, is another popular procedure for women looking to improve the appearance of their chests.

What a Breast Lift Does

The goals of a mastoplexy and breast augmentation are pretty different. The goal of a breast lift is to lift and elevate the breasts. It doesn’t increase or reduce the volume of the breasts. Instead, it will reposition the breasts so that they sit higher on the chest.

Although the surgery doesn’t make the breasts bigger, they might look larger afterwards because of the change in shape or position. Gravity has a way of pulling things down and elongating them. Once the breasts are elevated, they tend to look perky, youthful and full, even if the surgeon didn’t put in an implant.

What Breast Augmentation Does

In contrast to a breast lift, the goal of a breast augmentation is to add volume to the breasts. A patient can want a breast augmentation to equally increase the size of both breasts, to increase the size of one breast to make the breasts more symmetrical or to enlarge each breast to varying degrees so that they appear even.

One of the biggest differences between augmentation and lift is the use of implants. During a breast augmentation, a surgeon will place either silicone or saline implants between the chest muscle and breast tissue to add volume. Implants aren’t used during a breast lift on its own.

Are You a Candidate for a Breast Lift?

You might be a candidate for a breast lift if you’ve been pregnant or have breast fed your children and notice that your breasts seem deflated or saggier afterwards. If you’ve noticed that your breasts have begun to sag with age and are no longer perky on their own, the surgery might also be a good option for you.

Breast lift is also occasionally performed to reposition the nipple. If your nipples are lower on the chest than they once were, the surgery  might right for you.

Your overall health plays a part in determining if you’re a good candidate for breast lift. Usually, the right candidates don’t have any long term or untreated chronic conditions.

If you’re considering a breast lift after breastfeeding or pregnancy, it’s important to wait until you’ve finished having kids or finished breastfeeding. Future pregnancies can undo the results of your surgery or lead to further sagging.

Are You a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

If your main concern is enlarging the size of your breasts, either because you have naturally small breasts or because you’ve noticed some volume loss after breastfeeding or pregnancy, breast augmentation is likely the surgery for you. Like a breast lift, it’s important to be in good health before your breast augmentation surgery. Your surgeon will also most likely advise you to wait until after you’ve finished having kids before going forward with the procedure.

Can You Combine a Breast Lift and Augmentation?

There are cases where both a breast lift and breast augmentation will help a woman reach her goals. For that reason, it’s fairly common for surgeons to offer a combination breast lift and breast augmentation procedure.A combined surgery might be a good option for you if you’ve had volume loss due to aging, pregnancy or breastfeeding and also have some degree of sagging.

There are a few benefits to combining surgeries. For one thing, your surgical time and recovery time is often reduced. You’ll spend more time on the operating table during a combination surgery than during a single procedure, but less time on the table compared to having the procedures performed separately.

Since you are rolling recovery for a breast lift and breast augmentation into one, you can usually expect to be back on your feet in less time compared to have the procedures separately. The cost of a combined surgery is also usually less than the cost of two separate surgeries.

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