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Dr. Vitenas is a phenomenal doctor

Dr. Vitenas is a phenomenal doctor. I am a 42 year old mother of 5 children. When I decided I wanted to get breast implants I was adamant about wanting to look completely natural. I didn’t want to look like I had hard fake boobs. I simply wanted to firm up and enhance myself from a small B to a full C. Dr. Vitenas was very reassuring to me that his technique was going to give me the result that I wanted. Dr. Vitenas made me feel confident about myself and the results are something to brag about. He is a very kind and personable doctor, and his staff is unbelievably friendly. (I feel like I actually have friends I can talk to with the great staff Dr. Vitenas has.) I tell all of my friends and family that are thinking about getting implants that Dr. Vitenas is the best doctor around. Even the recovery from the procedure had its good points. Dr. Vitenas did such a great job that I had no bruising after the procedure and my scar is almost undetectable. Wow, what more can I say, great results from a great doctor. Thanks Dr. Vitenas for helping me feel great about myself.