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It is difficult to find words adequate to express my gratitude

It is difficult to find words adequate to express my gratitude and joy for what Dr. Vitenas did for me, but I will try. For most of my life, my self image was negatively affected by my dropping breasts. I developed quickly at a young age and never had what would be considered a desirable breast shape. Worse yet, when I previously lost weight and reached a size 6, my breasts looked worse than before the weight loss. So I made up my mind that if I could lose the weight, that this time, I would find a good plastic surgeon and have breast surgery. And boy did I!!

Of course, I had anxiety before the surgery related to concern with pain and possible negative outcomes. I can honestly say that the only discomfort, which was minor, was getting the IV. The entire surgical procedure was amazingly pain-free and recovery was a breeze. All the staff within Dr. Vitenas’ office and the hospital was warm and supportive. I have complete confidence in all the staff that I came into contact with.

Even if there would have been pain, it would have been so much worth it based on the results. I showed many, many pictures to Dr. Vitenas to demonstrate the type of results I desired. Well, Dr. Vitenas completely got it. He probably would not appreciate my saying this, with managing patient expectations and all, but he exceeded my expectations, which were quite great. In some ways, I look at my breasts and I’m amazed that they are mine. In other ways, I look at them and feel they are what I should have had all my life, particularly since they are so natural looking and fit my frame well. There could be regret in not doing it sooner, but mostly there is joy that I did do it. They look just plain awesome.

As to scars, as I write this, it has been 4 weeks since my surgery and the scars are greatly diminished. I believe that with Dr. Vitenas’ superb skill as a surgeon and with all the great aftercare, that the scars will be minor and not a concern. Even at this point, my husband says that the scars are hardly noticeable.

In addition to a combined mastopexy and breast augmentation, I had labiaplasty. My husband had no complaints in this regard – this is something I did completely for me. After two kids, I wanted to restore the appearance of my vaginal area. I had very little discussion with Dr. Vitenas about the desired outcome, but again, he exceeded my expectations. The outcome is better than when I was 18 years old!

I must warn people considering breast surgery about something that Dr. Vitenas does not mention. After the procedure, clothes will fit so well that you will want to buy everything you try on! Now that I’m up to twelve new negligées, it might be time to stop!!