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It has not been long since my surgery and already, I look and feel wonderful!

It has not been long since my surgery and already, I look and feel wonderful! I had breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction. I’ve had minimal scarring, pain and swelling with my breast. My family and friends are amazed at how natural my breast look (and feel).The other two procedures are healing wonderfully with great results also.

Dr.Vitenas, thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my body. This has positively been a life changing experience for my husband and I, and has really boosted my self confidence. I knew well before the consultation was over, that I wanted this phenomenal doctor to do my cosmetic surgery. During the consultation I could see and feel the passion he has for his profession. He knows exactly what it takes to sculpt a body.

Dr. Vitenas is very honest and matter of fact. He not only listened to and respected my questions and concerns, but my husbands as well. He and his coordinator help put any fear and anxiety that we had about the procedures to rest. The quality of my care before and after surgery has been awesome. His staff is one class act, too. What a difference it makes when you walk into a doctor’s office and you feel like part of the family. They have never hesitated to answer any questions or help you when you bring a little one with you. I”m definitely referring family and friends. I have been blessed with the best cosmetic surgeon in this great state of Texas! Once again, thank you Dr.Vitenas and staff.

S. D.