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Back in November 2008

Back in November 2008, the search was on, and It appeared all roads led to Dr. Vitenas; a magazine article, a billboard on the side of I-45, then a “Google” search, and a lot of internet research, I met the “Top Doc”. I was so comfortable with my consultation, I could not wait to have a mastopexy. At first I felt that I might be to old for breast surgery, but after discussing the procedure with Dr. Vitenas, I wanted the procedure more than ever to have “the girls” stand up again. So, here I am, almost two years later, and I could not be more pleased at the results. More confidence, with the ability to wear swim suits and some lower cut blouses really have made a difference in my attire.

I would recommend Dr. Vitenas to all of my friends & relatives! I have since gone on to have another procedure, a rhinoplasty to correct a broken nose, and am a return customer for Botox Cosmetic every three months. Truly, I have a great friend in Dr. Vitenas, and hope that we will continue this relationship for the rest of my time here on earth.

One last thing, I can’t say enough for the knowledgeable and caring staff in the office. If ever you have a question, a call or email to them will put you at ease.