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As a young man, I participated in team sports such as Football, Baseball and Track. My Coaches always had us lifting weights and my chest was large and my pecs were flat. During my early 40”s, I thought I had an ulcer and took Tagamet to relieve the symptoms, disregarding the warning of potential breast enlargement as something females should be concerned with.

Frequent racquetball and weight training kept my chest somewhat flat, but I became more and more aware of an embarrassing breast enlargement later in life. When I turned 50 and retired, I gained some weight and my chest/breasts became even larger. I seldom removed my shirt where others could see me due to my shame. I began to seriously consider breast reduction and learned all I could of the procedures, but I was fearful of the anesthesiology mortality rates and the horror stories on television and the Internet of unqualified individuals posing as Plastic Surgeons who had butchered unsuspecting patients.

I was in the Houston, Texas area for eight months in 2006. As Houston is reputed to have some of the finest surgeons in the world, at 56 years of age, I was determined to rid myself of the shame this breast enlargement had caused me for years. I spent several months off and on researching, questioning others about Plastic Surgeons and searching the Internet for all the appropriate questions and responses to be asked and received.

I finally located Dr Paul Vitenas, who is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with twenty-seven years experience and Chief of Surgery for Hermann Memorial Hospital. His credentials are quite impressive, so I met with Dr Vitenas and asked every question on my list. Not only did I receive the correct responses, but he was able to show me photographic evidence of the results he had attained for other men with the same problem and I began to realize I had reached the end of my quest.

I was so comfortable with Dr Vitenas”s responses and assurances of all my questions concerning the breast reduction, I asked what could be done about my neck, which had begun to sag over the past two years. I was shown additional photos concerning tightening of the neck and the results. Dr Vitenas explained each and every step of the procedure and his ready responses and obvious confidence in his capabilities was a real comfort to me. I scheduled the breast reduction and the tightening of the neck that same day.

Dr Vitenas”s assistant, Jana Manzanales, provided me with detailed instructions as to nutrition, medications, vitamins, routines, recovery time and everything else I would need to successfully undergo the surgery and expedite my recovery time with the least amount of effort and pain.

Prior to the operation occurring, I was reviewing in my mind all the horror stories I had heard over the years and called to cancel the tightening of the neck portion of the procedure for a later date. I was determined the breast reduction should occur, no matter what the outcome and if the results were positive, I would return for the neck tightening procedure.

Dr Vitenas called immediately and reassured me that he had performed hundreds of these procedures over the past twenty-seven years and he anticipated absolutely no complications with my surgery. He reminded me of the costs of the operating room, the costs of the anesthesiologists and that by combining the two procedures, there was a substantial cost savings.

November 15, 2006, Dr Vitenas performed both procedures. I remained in the hospital overnight and was sent home the next day with additional detailed instructions for care.

I have completed my follow-up visits with Dr Vitenas and I can never thank him enough for the wonderful work he did for me. The tightening of the neck actually surprised me with the more youthful appearance, which was brought forth, but the liposuction of the fatty material in my chest area has lifted the yoke of shame I have borne for the past ten years. I have pecs again and I take every opportunity to go shirtless. I can’t begin to lift weights and play racquetball for three more weeks, but the chest results were immediately obvious and positive.

I feel like my old self again and during my final examination, I asked Dr Vitenas about some veins on the side of my nostrils, which had begun to become more visibly prominent over the past two years. I don’t smoke and I’m not much of a drinking fellow, so I couldn’t understand why these varicose looking veins were occurring on the sides of my nose. Evidently, this is another part of the aging process and Dr Vitenas had another of his Assistants zap these little veins with a laser that same day. The next morning, when I looked in the mirror, the varicose veins were no longer visible. I had no idea, this type of technology was available.

If there are men who have reached their 50”s and have become concerned with breast enlargement, floppy neck or varicose type veins on their nose or cheeks, don’t let these imperfections adversely affect your quality of life. See Dr Vitenas and have something done about it. I wish I had pursued the course of action years ago, instead of procrastinating as I did.