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Houston’s Browlift

Houston TX BrowliftSometimes called a forehead lift, the Browlift is a surgical technique to smooth the forehead by removing the weight of sagging skin along the upper eyelids. This outpatient procedure will relieve the tired, stressed, or unhappy look that can sometimes develop with age. While often overlooked and misunderstood, the Browlift can dramatically rejuvenate the upper face and have a powerful affect on one’s appearance.

The ideal patient for a Browlift will be anyone in good health, who is seeking an improvement for their aging forehead and brow. The Browlift may be performed on its own, or combined with the blepharoplasty for added rejuvenation of the upper face. For a complete facial rejuvenation, the Browlift, blepharoplasty, and a facelift can be combined.

All surgical procedures are performed by Dr. Vitenas at the Houston Surgery Center. These private, accredited surgical suites are in the same building as Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery. Patients can expect their Browlift to take from one to two hours, under general anesthesia. While recovery can be done at home, Dr. Vitenas also offers an overnight recovery suite for one-on-one care during the first 23 hours post-op.

Before & After Browlift Photos in HoustonThere are several possible locations for the incision. For the traditional approach, a coronal incision is made which is located at or behind the hairline and runs from ear to ear. The less extensive hairline incision is another option and is located at the top of the forehead within the hairline. This incision does not raise the forehead and may be best for patients with high hairlines. The endoscopic approach is the least extensive and involves several very small incisions made within the scalp. The surgical technique for a Browlift will depend upon the particular patient and their specific goals. In general, however, excess tissue is removed, the forehead muscles are altered or released, the eyebrows may be elevated, and excess skin is trimmed.

Allure Magazine, TXThe recovery after a Browlift takes from seven to fourteen days. Initially, there will be some degree of swelling, which will normally fade in about a week. Bruising may occur, and can take up to three weeks to fully resolve. While the recovery from a Browlift only results in mild to moderate discomfort, Dr. Vitenas will prescribe needed pain medications. Patients undergoing a traditional Browlift with a coronal incision may also experience some itching. The recovery after an endoscopic Browlift is generally shorter and less extensive than after a traditional Browlift. Stitches are removed within five to ten days. Work can usually be resumed after in two weeks or less.  However, no heavy lifting or vigorous exercise is allowed for four to six weeks.

Browlift FAQ

Q. What is Browlift?

The Browlift, also known as a forehead lift, is an invasive technique to lift the brow area and remove weight from the upper eyelids.  The procedure can dramatically rejuvenate the upper face and relieve a tired, stressed, or mean look that may develop with age.

Q. How much will my Browlift cost?

The average cost of a Browlift will range between $7,000 and $8,000.  The price will depend on several factors, including the extent of correction and what, if any, other techniques will be utilized.  To get a better idea of how much your Browlift will cost, schedule a consultation with Dr. Vitenas or fill out our contacts form.

Q. Will I make a good candidate for a Browlift?

If you are in overall good health, and are unhappy with the look of a wrinkled, sagging brow, then a Browlift may be for you. Patients should understand the procedure and have realistic expectations for their Browlift results.

Q. What will happen at my Browlift consultation?

The consultation appointment with Dr. Vitenas is a good time to get to knew the surgeon and his techniques. During this time, Dr. Vitenas will review your medical history and perform a physical examination of the facial features. After he explains the Browlift in detail, Dr. Vitenas will show before/after photos of his recent patients; he can also use computer imagery to explain potential results. Finally, the full price of a Browlift will be established, and a patient coordinator will go over all of your payment options.

Q. Where does Dr. Vitenas perform his outpatient Browlift procedure?

All surgical procedures, including the Browlift, are perform at the Houston Surgery Center. An accredited outpatient surgery center, these private operating suites are located the Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery building on Richmond Avenue.

Q. What sort of anesthesia is used during the Browlift?

Dr. Vitenas will use general anesthesia during the Browlift for complete patient comfort.

Q. What is the surgical process for a Browlift?

For the Browlift, there are several possible locations for the incision. The traditional approach involves a coronal incision, which starts at or behind the hairline and runs from ear to ear. A less extensive option is the hairline incision, which is located within the hairline at the top of the forehead. The least extensive endoscopic approach involves several very small incisions which are located on the scalp. While the surgical technique may vary, the Browlift is generally performed by removing excess tissue, altering or releasing the forehead muscles, elevating the eyebrows, and trimming excess skin.

Q.  How long does a Browlift operation take?

The Browlift surgery is about one to two hours long.

Q. How long can I expect my Browlift surgery to take?

The traditional Browlift involves a coronal incision which begins at or behind the hairline and runs from ear to ear. A less extensive hairline incision, located at the top of the forehead within the hairline, is another option. For an endoscopic Browlift, several very small incisions are made on the scalp.

Q – Does the Browlift leave scars?

Though patients will have scars after the Browlift, they are generally well-concealed within the hairline.

Q – Is the Browlift painful?

While mild to moderate discomfort may be experienced the first several days following a Browlift, Dr. Vitenas will prescribe the necessary pain medications to ensure a comfortable recovery.

Q – What is the expected length of my Browlift recovery?

The average Browlift recovery will take from seven to fourteen days.

Q. What will my Browlift recovery be like?

Some swelling is common after a Browlift, and can take from one to two weeks to fade. Bruising often occurs and may take three to four weeks to dissipate.  Itching may also occur with a traditional Browlift performed with a coronal incision. Patients undergoing an endoscopic Browlift generally have a shorter and less extensive recovery.

Q – When can I go back to work after a Browlift procedure?

Almost everyone will be feeling well enough to return to work one to two weeks after their Browlift surgery.

Q – Is exercise allowed after a Browlift procedure?

Patients are encouraged to postpone vigorous exercise and the lifting of heavy objects for four to six weeks after their Browlift, in an effort to let the area properly heal.

Q. Will I have stitches that need to be removed after my Browlift?

Yes, Dr. Vitenas will remove the Browlift sutures five to ten days after the procedure.

Q. Are there any risks or complications associated with eh Browlift?

The Browlift is a safe procedure, but as an invasive technique, some complications may occur. Problems associated with a Browlift are rare but can include excessive bleeding, permanent nerve damage, and loss of muscle function around the eye.

Q – What are my Browlift payment options?

Patients have the option of paying for the Browlift with cash, credit card, personal check, and healthcare financing through CareCredit. Visit our financing page or speak with one of our patient coordinators for more information.