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Clip those Bingo Wings

Bingo Wings HoustonForget about getting a facelift or liposuction, those procedures are so ‘last year’. The fastest growing cosmetic surgery trend of 2013 is an upper arm lift (Brachioplasty). Last year, over 15,000 arm lifts were performed in the United States; that is a 4,000% increase over the past decade, up from 300 in 2001. The appearance of those unsightly ‘Bingo Wings’, which can notoriously detract from even the most beautiful face and curvaceous figure, have quickly become Enemy #1 for American women.

Ladies like Michelle Obama and Jennifer Anniston have iconic upper arms; and these may be partly to blame for the steadily rising numbers of Brachioplasties. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) say the exact reason for the dramatic increase is not known, but the increasing efforts of people across the country to lose weight is a key factor. Once a large amount of weight is lost, excess skin becomes a problem. People undergoing weight loss procedures, such as a Gastric Bypass, may shed over 100 pounds, leaving their skin lax and loose. The go-to-procedure for these patients has always been a Tummy Tuck or Body Lift, repairing the sagging and drooping skin they are left with. These patients are fast adding an arm lift to their wish list; because the upper arms as so noticeable, ‘clipping their Bingo Wings’ becomes a top priority.

A Brachioplasty is a major investment, costing between $6,000 and $8,000, including all fees and follow-up appointments. The surgery requires an incision from the elbow up to the armpit, which may leave a permanent scar, although most patients are so excited at their new body that the faint reminder of their surgery is not a concern. An upper arm lift is performed under general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis, so patients are able to rest up at home the day of their procedure, and get back to their regular Bingo games in no time.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery brings the most advanced surgical techniques and artistic skills to all of their patients, including those needing a Brachioplasty. Your consultation with Dr. Vitenas is complementary, so take a minute to call our office at 281.484.0088. Before you know it, by banishing your Bingo Wings for good, you’ll be winning the biggest possible jackpot . . . a new body!